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  1. Thank you for all the help. I have sent a formal complaint to the Superdrug head office. Thanks.
  2. Oh right okay. Can the RLP whoever they are not take me to court if I ignore them? If I didn't have my partner waiting for me I would have told them to have rang the police. I felt bullied and totally intimidated by their security person. To say I feel upset is an understatement. Thank you.
  3. Hi... I dont know if anyone can help with this, but today I was out shopping with my partner whom I am a carer for. To cut a long story short, I briefly left my partner sat down somewhere to nip into Superdrug for their £1 eyebrow wax strips. I always find it quite stressful leaving my partner as they are disabled and quite vulnerable, but on this occasion it was agreed between us. Being a saturday, it was busy and when I eventually found them, the first box I picked seemed empty, so I very very briefly checked and couldnt see anything inside, so I noticed the next box along was open, so I just took the strip out of the one after that and put it in my box and off I went. The reason at the time I didnt take the one at the back is because I didnt want a pile of boxes to fall over. Off I went to the till as you do, and at the checkout point after waiting in a long queue, I was approached by someone who said they were security and he asked the gentleman behind the till to check if and how many strips were in the pack. I explained that there was only one but it originally didnt have anything in it, however on the assistant shaking the pack, another one popped out that was already on the side of the pack. I was surprised and said oh there should only be one, and then the security asked me to come in the back, at first I was confused and explained I didnt really have the time. I went in the back, and mr security was extremely rude to me and very accusational, accusing me of concealing and therefore trying to 'steal' an extra item. I explained I was very anxious to get to my partner but the staff said unless I admit to it, they would have to ring the police and have them arrest me, and stay until they arrived. Under duress, and real concern for my partner, I said fine I admit it just to be able to leave. I wasnt asked to sign anything but they took a copy of my driving licence. I was told I would receive a letter / fine from the RLP? When I met my partner, he insisted on going back to speak to them, of which I had a severe angina attack due to the stress and anxiety of the situation. The manager said that she believed me and understood but couldnt go against security. I have no idea what to do as I have never been in a situation anything like this in my life. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Claire
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