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  1. POF is proof of funds. Part of the fraud department at Barclays. Will update when SAR information arrives.
  2. This is correct. Cifas removed but accounts remain closed, funds frozen in Business account approx £1800. Recording has been saved. Hugely embarrassing listening to them freeze and start to mumble incoherently when they know it's being recorded. Yes Sar sent 19th March and received/signed for by them. No response yet. Their response to my complaint completely missed the points I raised. (letter attached) Their first two paragraphs were enough to show they messed up. They also made clear nothing was going to change hence me stepping it up a few gears via the phone, after which they emailed the letter saying Cifas marker removed. I emailed back asking them to update all databases including Cifas, National Hunter, Experian, Synectic Solutions, Equifax etc. They replied stating only Cifas was informed, to which I replied with copy of report from NH proving that was not the case. I also mentioned the impact their marker has had on my business, lost contracts, time spent on internet forums, research and professional advice, all documented with relevant costs, but I will be dealing with these matters with Barclays in due course Cheers complaint response edit.pdf
  3. Update: You will recall from my initial post, account was locked after customer paid large amount of money, which turned out to be fraudulent, but no evidence provided by Barclays. Text message received Tuesday 3 April, "We've completed our investigation into your complaint (ref etc etc) and we've written to you with the outcome" 4th April letter arrived, which totally did not address my complaint. I jumped straight on the phone, let them know I'm recording the call and made the person dealing with it eat humble pie. They promised to send final response, and stated CIFAS would remain, that would be their final response. Told me, I would receive email morning of the 5th. 5th April. I got onto them as no email received by 12:30 pm - Let them have it with both barrels. "30 mins Sir, email is coming!" 3:30 pm back on the phone as no email. Lots of grovelling from the complaints team and email sent 2 mins later. No passphrase to access it, so back on the phone. Finally few mins later email with letter: Cifas removed, so all good, but this is not the end. I have responded, asking them to confirm, will they be updating all the relevant databases and when? complaint response.pdf
  4. What address are you using for the SAR? The one on this website is different to what Barclays told me over the phone: DSARS, 51 Saffron Road, Leicester, LE18 4US. I thought this was for Barclaycard, but they are adamant it's for Barclays personal and business account holders too.
  5. 19/03 They didn't phone me as promised. I phoned their fraud department just after 5pm and explained I wanted to talk about the CIFAS marker they had placed against my name. The lady sounded surprised, and asked how I knew there was one. Ran through events of last couple of weeks and she sounded positively embarrassed of the situation I am in. She was keen to start a complaint process over the phone there and then, which I declined. I would prefer a paper trail, so everyone is clear on what was said. She explained, there is no Police crime ref number because Barclays dealt with it internally. They received information from the sending Bank/Building Society, conducted their enquiry and applied the Cifas, as they viewed me a threat to both them and other Banks. I'm putting together SAR request and will see what comes back before penning my complaint. I asked if they would reopen the accounts following the outcome of my complaint, as I know they have nothing to back their unfounded claims, and she apologetically indicated it was certainly something they could look at if that was the resolution I was seeking.
  6. As you can see, we've received Sar from Cifas, and have just to apply to Barclays themselves for the data they are holding. Will send off Monday if Barclays don't resolve the matter. We have suppliers in Spain, France, Turkey and China. On three occasions where we have attempted online transfer to our Spanish supplier, through their UK branch, (who bank with Barclays) we've had to go through extra security, and each time were told it was just the system randomly selecting us. We didn't mind this as it was another level of security and peace of mind. I will know more tomorrow, when Barclays Fraud department have promised to phone and explain a little more on what the 'fraudulent instrument(s)' mentioned on the Cifas report are.
  7. Hello All, I have Banked with Barclays as a personal customer for several years. Recently I opened a Barclays Business account and 2 weeks later following our first transaction received funds of approx 20k followed by several additional purchases from the same Business client totalling some 80k. The money was used to pay the overseas supplier, (supplier A) and balance used as down payment for additional import stock. The following month approx 40k was received from a customer for building supplies, we had secured 30 days credit terms with the supplier, (supplier B). The same day the money was put to use by making a payment to supplier A with whom we had already placed a deposit. The next day the account was locked pending a review. Initially we thought money in and out same day likely triggered the review, and had ready relevant invoices and purchase orders. Barclays did not ask for any information, so we waited for the review to complete. After the review period, Barclays closed both Personal and Business accounts with the following letter: We phoned Barclays wanting answers and they simply advised there was nothing they could do and we should submit proof of funds to barclayspof#barclayscorp.com which we did. We had to wait 10 working days for a response. So far the timeline goes like this: Dec 2017 Business Account opened Feb 13, 2018 Money received for building supply customer - 40k made up of 4 x 10k payments Feb 13, 2018 Request made in Branch to have 38k transferred to overseas Escrow platform, awaited supplier invoice, then payment was released. Feb 14, Payment via Swift leaves Barclays and they locks accounts. Feb 15, I enquire in branch about accessing funds, they release some wages from my current account. I enquire about review, they say very little, go around the back make phone calls etc. I enquire about Swift payment, and manager quietly tells cashier to 'place a marker on the notes', they explain swift is en-route and should arrive within 3-5 working days. Feb 22 Letter above received. I send supporting docs to my local business manager via email, and request they release funds as per their instructions: "Make alternative arrangements for your banking services immediately and withdraw any outstanding credit balance from your account(s)." Response received is they can't help and email the docs to [email protected] 5 March, Comprehensive email sent to POF and in the meantime, we approached another Bank with a view to moving our Business banking needs. They replied, 'no' and referred us to CIFAS. 12 March, whilst waiting for SAR result to CIFAS I emailed [email protected]: Dear Sir(s) Whilst I await your response to the unfreezing of the accounts and access to my funds, I have requested a full disclousure of data held on me from Barclays Bank via a Subject Access Request submitted 8 March 2018. Could you ensure I receive the note put on the system at the local branch Manager's request, dated 15 February 2018, where I was informed the transaction was suspicious. I didn't know what that meant at the time, and it was received by the beneficiary a day or two later without issue. I would like to see what exactly was suspicious, and if it relates to the customer who paid the invoice, myself as the account holder or the beneficiary receiving the swift payment. Cifas report received 16 March: My knee jerk reaction, having skimmed over the letter was to write the following complaint and hand deliver it into my local branch: 16 March, phoned Barc fraud department, passed through security and was told they still assessing documentation I supplied. I explained I'm phoning about the Cifas marker. Call Lady explained there was a specific department for that and she would put me through. 20 mins on hold and back to customer services, I phone again and this time the young man answering explains 'that department' have now gone home and asks how he might be of help? I explain I want to know what 'False instrument(s) paid in' on the Cifas report refers to? He explains he would enquire and ring me Monday 19th March. 17 March I re-read the Cifas report carefully and realise the 4 payments of 10k must have been fraud and Barclays believe me to be involved. Email received today from [email protected]: BARCLAYS CLASSIFICATION: Restricted - External "Hello, Thank you for recently contacting us in regards to your remaining balance. We’ve completed your account review and are now in a position to return funds. What this means for you. Please make arrangements to visit your local branch with two forms of I.D I have left relevant notes on your account to authorise you to withdraw your funds." I believe this refers to my personal account, and have no intention of pursuing the remaining funds from the 40k payment. My response today to their email: 17th March 2018 Thank you for your earlier response. I have been told by Barclays Customer Services Fraud Team that Barclays closed my account of 3 years for 'commercial' reasons and this would not impact my ability to open Business account elsewhere. However, I applied to another High Street lender and they refused to accommodate my needs and referred me to CIFAS. I have contacted CIFAS, received a SAR response and filed a complaint with Barclays 16/03/2018, (copy attached) for accusing me of being a money launderer. I have since shown the Cifas report and Bank Statements to a friend in the Legal Profession. I have been advised Barclays are actually accusing me of allowing my account to be used for fraud and actively receiving 4 x £10,000 of stolen/fraudulently obtained money. This is absolutely not the case, and I want Barclays to clear me of any wrongdoing and update CIFAS entry immediately. Barclays, If the money was unlawfully obtained, why did you allow it to be credited to my account? Why on the same day did you allow me to send Money overseas via a Manager in Branch? Why did you not contact me at any point to raise concerns over these payments? Why did you not warn me when I enquired in Branch 15/03/2018 on the status of the Swift Transfer? I could have recalled the money at anytime in the several days it remained in my Akirix Foreign Exchange account. I could have prevented the customer from collecting the goods they purchased. Many things could have been done to prevent this unfortunate situation. On the face of it, it very much looks like Barclays failed in their duty of customer care to protect these funds from falling into the wrong hands, and are now making me, a innocent business to be the scapegoat. This is totally unacceptable. Please provide me with the crime reference number, so I can liaise with the Police and get to the bottom of this. I await a response from Barclays; I spoke to #### and #### yesterday, 16/03/2018 before getting help from my friend. #### from the Fraud Team promised to ring me Monday 19/03/2018 and explain what Giro Credits on the 13th February mean. The Branch statement shows it as Third Party Transfers, (FIP) see attached copy, yet the Statement received after Account closure reports the transfers as Giro payments. I will be awaiting his response before submitting a Second complaint, now that I am getting clarification on the actual issue to hand. Put this situation right by removing the CIFAS entry against my name. End of timeline I want Barclays to correct the Cifas entry and clear me of any wrongdoing. I had no idea the money was received via Giro payments, (whatever they are). We made clear we do not accept Cheques or Cash and only Bank Transfers are accepted for payments above £5,000. We carried out our due diligence as best we could and should not be expected to Police transactions. I've never put pen to paper to complain before and would appreciate some input from experienced members following the outcome of Barclays phone call due Monday 19th March. Thank you for reading this. I will update on Monday Lee docs1.pdf
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