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  1. I didn't mention the DD guarantee because I hadn't heard of it before coming on here..( the nice people at the bank certainly didn't mention it as I cancelled the direct debit.) I will make the phone call as you recommend. Credit rating: total newbie here- I wouldn't know where to begin checking my credit rating...
  2. Bank letter, 2nd try. The debt collector is Lowell Financial Ltd. HSBC Manager.pdf
  3. Just remembered it was supposed to be a .pdf .... Talk talk.pdf
  4. Here are the letters that were sent to Talk Talk, and my bank HSBC. The bank did not respond at all, and TT responded with a letter saying they could not find an account for me on their system and could I furnish a postcode to help the search. (it was at the top of my letter...).
  5. Thanks for the reply, The help and insights are much appreciated. Apologies for showing up at intervals...lots going on... I will have a look for a copy of the letter and post it here as requested- as well as a personal appearance at the bank for details of the (secret) DD guarantee.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I should add that I wrote to my bank mgr. (HSBC) twice about the unauthorised withdrawals, once by hand, second time by recorded delivery but got no response at all. I didn't know about direct debit guarantee. The assistant didn't mention it when I told them to stop any further payments. I wrote to Talk Talk asking if they had an account with me and they confirmed they did not. That's where I left off, overtaken by more pressing events (nearly 2yrs ago now) I would like to get my money back. Am I owed compensation? ( damage to relationship with bank/loss of funds/unlawful passing of details to third party=harassing mail) I found it very hard to get any information about TT, particularly names and addresses for cases like this. Thanks in advance for any advice/information. D.
  7. I had a 12 month residential Broadband account with Talk Talk several years ago. After the term was up I moved house. Two years later my bank account went overdrawn for the first time ever, triggering a 1/3 strikes warning letter and overdraft charge from my bank. (I do not have an OD agreement). On investigation I discovered Talk Talk had resumed talking money out of my account to the tune of £250. I immediately stopped the direct debit, and have since been deluged with harassing letters and emails from a debt collection agency. What can I do about this? thanks DS
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