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  1. Thanks again for the messages. I did drive the van back to another engineer and went round the van with them so that was fine. I have received my final pay slip and it is well short. They owe me for a bank holiday on my last working week. My bonus still, some expenses and £100 refund fine that they have had backI asked them to email me what I am expecting and no response. I forwarded the email again to them and again no response. If it was only a small amount I wouldnt bother but it is a big amount over £1000 which is a lot to me. Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi thank you for all your replies. Sorry I haven't been back. Update - I was not paid sick pay as they decided not to pay me. I will be leaving on the 6th April. I gave them four weeks notice which they did not accept. They haven't been forthcoming in working with me to try and get my notice reduced and shunned me in stuff which I normally deal with. They have a spare employee that could do most of my work with a bit of a tweak but they haven't really bothered trying to get a replacement. I have despite everything remained professional. They have breached the contract with regard
  3. Hi I need some advice and hope someone can help me. I have been with my company 4 years. I have a 12 week notice period. But I believe that they have breached my contract. We had a new manager come in and it was Okish up until I was off sick early Jan 2018 for a week. This was my 5th time being off in a 12 month period. In my employee handbook it states that my manager has to fill in a absence review form after 3 absences in a year. (I am still waiting for the form to be done and forwarded to me). It also stats that if they are not paying me for sickness then they have to info
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