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  1. Guys if you please one last question if the ccj is almost 14 years old is the debt still enforcable? Can they still force me to pay in any way?
  2. I Would like to thank you Andyorch and dx100uk for your reply it was your advice to me dx to ignore them in 2010 and i did as u advised and now am going to do the same thing if legally they can do nothing specially its almost 14 years from the ccj date
  3. Just remembered i got another message from capquest back in 2010 and posted here for advice one of the gang said to me to ingnore them which i did thank him alot for his advice now after 9 years i got anothet letter from crapquest
  4. Hi and sorry to trouble u guys am after an honest advice i had a loan from Barclay bank in 2002 £10k for 5 years i paid the first 2 and half years the amount required with no problems until i lost my job in 2005 i contacted the bank to make some arrangements with them they refused after they start charging me interest and filed a claim against me in the county court then i got ccj from the court in august 2005 i started dealing with one of the debt coolection agencies for almost 8 month and was paying 10 a month then the debt was p
  5. Hi and very sorry to trouble you guys again its the same story for this thread which i started it in 2010 still from that time after the court refuse to set aside this case I never got in touch with capquest or any debt collection agency i do receive a letter from them once or twice a year i had ccj on this case more than 8 years so far and no further action has been made and no payment or correspondent from my side they sent me letters once or twice a year but never responded to any letter yesterday i did receive another letter from capquest offering a
  6. ok may be that is true but another thing came up yesterday i went to my bank to deposite some money to pay some bills and tge casheir told me that a credit card is aporoved for u even i didnot apply for it and they get ne the agreement and signed it inside the bank with in 2 minutes and they told me u wi receive ur card wigh in 7 days. now my question here even the bank will accept and or approve credit card for u with out checking ur credit file? and if ur credut file is bad still they will issue u the credit card?
  7. Thank you or your response . To be honest with you I didnot checked my credit file , but last year I applied in tesco super store for a contract mobile phone through O2 network and they did a credit search nd I been approved. The other thing this year I did an upgrade but through another network with T mobile and they did credit search again and been approved does that mean tat my credit file is clean? Please advise
  8. My respect to all gags here I had some debts since 2002 and the last payment I made was between 2004 and 2005 after that my financial status got worse and made no payments at all and never respond to any DCA letter and now we are in 2012 my question is can any debtor or DCA take any legal action against me ? And can they get ccj against me when I believe the debt after six years is statue barred. Recentley EQUIDEBT sending letters regarding the debts every 3 month a letter for the past year but today I received a letter saying that we have made number
  9. Hello Elsa thank u for replying I feel more releif now thank u
  10. Hi All just a quick question if the debts collectors write to me an avarege between 1 and 3 months once but I never reply to them just ignoring and put their letters in the bin does that means I acknowledge the DEBTS? ALTHOUGH THE DEBTS FROM 2002 AND THE LAST TIME I REMEMBRR. I PAID WAS ALMOST 6 YEARS AGO AND NEVER REPLIED TO THEIR LETTERS PLS ADVICE THX, ANOTHER QUESTION PLS IF U HAVE CCJ FOR HOW LONG REMAIN IN UR FILE THX
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