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  1. yes they did go away once paid but im really sorry, i cannot really give you any advise on what you should do
  2. Well its easy for somebody to say ignore them, but when your the one being threatened court action its quite different, people here didnt understand the whole situation, so i had to do my own research and it seemed the sensible idea was to pay and forget. maybe if you gave a bit more of a structured/informative answer that your "basic simple answer" as you call it, that could help people a bit more
  3. Hi, sorry to hear your in the same situation, i hope it is not the same company?? I didnt find i got much help on here to be honest, maybe it was a little complex to explain everything in such depth on here. i just paid it in the end, it seemed this "company" had done this to people before with how they acted when i contacted them, they would refuse to speak to me about it until i paid them in full, and no matter what i said to them they just kept repeating that they still wanted paying in full regardless. It was getting me down in the end so i picked a day that i had a lot on and paid it that morning so i wouldnt have time to think about it. It worried me that there was paper work i had signed agreeing to pay for their services (which they did not provide) but if it went to court I felt like it would just be my word against there signed paper work agreement Can you tell me a few more details of your situation?
  4. That paperwork i did not sign was for me to confirm all the details ive entered was correct and and fines from hmrc would be my responsibility, it was the final paperwork to sign for me to sign before they sent it to hmrc, I signed some paperwork much before that agreeing to their terms and conditions
  5. OK Thanks for your advice, can you tell me how i get to these other threads in that thread, Im not an idiot (honestly!) but i cant see how to find them these are the letters i have received from them and bearing in mind i have signed there agreement, are you sure i should ignore them and they will not continue and take court action on me?? If they do take me to court i cannot see my word standing up that they just wouldn't help me and it will end up costing me even more I have also uploaded my letters from them could you just check them and let me know what you think and let me know if your sure i should ignore them. thanks again! im really stressing over this Also what do you mean about only the trademark owner can take me to court? They are threatening court over fees owed from a service i signed up for them to provide but i pulled out because they would not give me the help required and now they are asking for there fees + other ridiculous fees here they are as PDF hope this is better docs1.pdf
  6. Can you elaborate please, as far as i could see there wasnt an ending to that other thread apart from the original poster asking to remove his thread? Can i just ask for your reasons for ignoring and how you know this will not end up with me in court?
  7. hi, i decided to use a company called "work mileage tax rebate" to claim some tax back on work mileage i had done, i was very confused about doing this so this is why i used them because i had been paid for a small amount of mileage from my company so needed to offset this, they were very unhelpful and told me just to fill the paperwork out as best as i can and return it to them and they will check it over before sending anything to HMRC. i received another letter asking for a signature from me confirming all the details was 100% correct and any fines for incorrect figures would be my responsibility, because i was not sure they were correct i did not sign it I phoned them to ask for some assistance, they weren't helpful at all i told them to cancel my claim and thought that was the end. Now i have received a letter threatening court action if i do not pay within 14 days. they are now charging me the full fee for what they were going to charge me for my claim plus 2 fees of £120+vat because i went elsewhere (i paid an accountant to help me) for the help i required and filled in my self assessments myself. i dont see how they can charge me for returning my own self assessments as they havent had to do anything, they are charging me more than what the original fee would have been There is a similar thread on here from 2 years ago where they have done similar to somebody else, but i dont know how it ended https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472472-Please-help.-work-mileage-tax-rebate-Missold-a-service&p=4977504#post4977504 Can anyone help me please? i believed they are trying to do me for every penny they can because they have lost out on a claim, if they were to actually provide me with some help then i would be happy to use them and pay them their fee
  8. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?472472-Please-help.-work-mileage-tax-rebate-Missold-a-service&p=4977504#post4977504 can i ask whats happened with you and this company as they have done me over too and are threatening court
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