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  1. Thanks for all your comments...one thing for sure it's not clear cut. I've managed to get Inspection Report signed by removing all reference to aerial...That's one step forward:) . Tenant's now left a message for me asking what's going to happen about aerial cost...I've not yet replied (wow, there's a reversal of behavior:D). Tenants gas safety check is due v.soon & it's the same chap who fixed the aerial...Think I may wait until then to see what happens. If they still haven't resolved the bill I'm probably going to offer to go halves....
  2. Thanks guys...but I wish you agreed, good or bad:) I'm aware I have an obligation to maintain heating & sanitary ware, but a TV aerial? Following your logic Planner I'd be responsible for everything & that can't be right surely? If she communicated in a timely manner (or at all) I'd be more of a mind to sympathise with her plight, but she's so flamin useless I'm not in a hurry to help. As I said before, she now pays her rent on time & I know from bitter experience it could be a lot worse….but she’s so annoying.
  3. Hi All....Any ideas on this one:- Who’s responsible for repairs to a TV Aerial….Tenant or Landlord? The reception was fine when the tenant moved in. There’s nothing in the AST regarding the aerial and as far as I’m aware there’s no legal or even moral obligation for the landlord to pay for the repair. The tenant’s gone ahead with repair but is now refusing to pay the invoice (£110 for replacement booster box). In the meantime, a property inspection has been carried, but the tenant is refusing to sign acceptance of report because she disagrees with one statement about landlord n
  4. Hi guys.... Sorry to have to show my ignorance here but is there actually a difference between Bailiffs and Debt Collection Agencies? If so, would someone be kind enough to explain it to me? Thank you
  5. Sorry no....It was Southern Electric. Though I'm sure they must have similar policies when it comes to this sort of thing?
  6. Hindsight's a wonderful thing and of course when I next follow up an employers reference you can be sure I'll take on board all your comments & advice. Ironically the irritating tenant's become a poor second to the even more irritating HR Manager. Yes, I know this is completely ridiculous....but it's just the righteous clap trap they're now quoting when it's quite apparant they don't know their posterior from their elbow when implementing procedure. One good thing to come out of this.... it's reinforced why I quit working for big organisations!
  7. You must have some paperwork detailing the terms of your agreement when you originally agreed to rent your house out in this method. I imagine there's something written in the small print regarding maintenance procedures and administration charges. Have a look at the agreement then come back & let us know. As a minimum I would expect admin charges to be capped in some way.
  8. As a landlord I've experienced a situation where the electricity board changed the standard meter at a property to a pre-payment meter because the tenant was just not paying the bill....and accruing significant debt. Pre-payment electricity does attract a higher rate per kw/hr but I guess rates vary from supplier to supplier. When the tenants finally left I simply contacted the elec provider and asked them to change the meter back to how it was originally. It took about 1-2 wks to resolve, but the supplier agreed any electricity consumed in the intervening period would only be char
  9. Do you think this question would be better served on the General Consumer Issues forum? If so, does anyone know how to move it please? Thank you
  10. Thanks Mr Shed Your reply 'feels right'...if there is such a thing. Like I said, I don't expect to get any help whatsoever from this company...they're too keen to quote policy and not keen enough to put it into practice. On the one hand 'break time' is confidential, yet they openly divulge Mrs J has never held supervisory role....they're a complete farce. Any ideas where this would be better posted? Cheers
  11. Hi all…..Can anyone shed any light on this please:- A potential tenant provided written details of her employer for me to obtain a reference. I phoned the company and explained the purpose, ie. Employer reference. Mrs J confirmed she was the potential tenants’ supervisor and proceeded to supply a satisfactory verbal reference. The tenant moved in but after a while events occurred which led me to seek clarification of reference. I contacted Mrs J who said the tenant had left the company 2weeks ago and was refusing to speak to any of her colleagues in the period leading up. Mrs J then
  12. Thanks guys Went to see tenant yesterday and provided her with a formal 'written' response to her Notice to quit. She says her reasons for leaving are personal, and she's moving to be near friends & family...I haven't questioned this further. Firstly she said she would be moving in with her parents, so I asked for their address. Said they'd just moved & she didn't have it. So I asked her to call them...she went upstairs, then came back with an address. I requested their phone no, but she said she didn't have it. Today I've rec'd a text saying change of plan, she wo
  13. Thanks for that. I obviously wasn't clear about the '6wks'.....she voluntarily left her job 2wks ago giving 1mths notice, hence the 6wks. She plans to stay till the end of the month, is there any merit in encouraging her to leave asap? Just want to make sure I do it by the book....don't want judge throwing it out on 'technicality', or me doing something silly. Cheers
  14. Hi everyone I've just received a letter from tenant basically giving me 1mths notice (28Jan - 28Feb'07) and to use the damage deposit as the last mths rent. They apologise but say they have no money to pay. I've subsequently discovered she actually left her job 2wks ago, so including mths notice must have know at least 6wks ago she intended to do this . The 'fixed period' doesn't end until 30 May'07 and I've already advised that if she can find a suitable tenant I will agree to an early termination. As this seems unlikely, I was wondering if anyone has any idea how likely I am to re
  15. Thanks guys!! That's some really good advice. I'll definitely follow up. So can a developer even apply for a CPO? I get the impression it would need to be done by local authorities because it's for the greater good of the community & not private financial gain. I'm going to phone the local planning dept in the morning for their views. One of the corner plots is owned by an 87 yr old so the developers high pressure tactics are quite frightening/effective....
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