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  1. Hi all, Thought I would now ask further questions. Azamara maintain they have no responsibility as these are independent companies but surely they are acting exactly as Azamara "agent" i.e .on their behalf Several online Ta's inc Cruise co, iglu and Thomas cook , cruise1st have this incorrect information (obviously cut/pasted from Azamara site). Do Azamara have any responsibility to get these corrected or do I have to go after each TA in Turn. Any advice welcomed or multi complaint to ASA. Thanks for any input
  2. Received reply from ASA and they are getting advert changed. Will be interesting to see how they get USA based company to change but will keep this thread updated Your Complaint: Azamara Club Cruises Ltd’s Thank you for contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) with your complaint about Azamara Club Cruises Ltd’s advertising. I understand you raised concerns the ad was misleading as you understand the Club World Owner's Suite on the Azamara Pursuit do not have bath tubs as advertised. We have considered your complaint and think you have a valid point. We’ll therefore instruct the advertiser to amend their advertising to accurately reflect the features of the room. We shouldn’t need to contact you again. However, once we’ve resolved your complaint, basic information including the advertisers’ name and where the ad appeared will be published on our website, If the advertisers don’t co-operate with us, we may have to think about other ways to resolve your complaint, including conducting a formal investigation that involves the ASA Council. If that happens, we’ll contact you again. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write to us. If you’d like some more information about what we do and the action we’ve taken against advertisers who break the code, please have a look on our website. Yours sincerely, Laura Sparks Complaints Executive Direct line 020 7492 2146 Advertising Standards Authority Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn London WC1V 6QT Telephone 020 7492 2222
  3. Thanks ploddertown, That is me and they have finally updated website to show new features i.e. removal of casino but have not changed cabin details for owners suites at all. Pure laziness on their part.
  4. Just to update, Have sent complaint to ASA and await their response. Not sure where else to try as I doubt little traction from Watchdog etc. given prices /numbers involved. Thanks for reading
  5. Thanks, Have done this in early Feb. but no reaction from them yet. Have written to Legal dept. but was wanting to know WHAT can be done in UK to at least get advertising changed.
  6. Dragon fly, Thanks for your input. We have sailed in these suites on Quest and Journey and currently these have a bath(not marble) AND a separate large shower cubicle and we prefer that. The new configuration is to return to a completely separate toilet unlike current where there is only a sliding door between bath and WC area. Not ideal for privacy when using WC. I have emails etc confirming no bath and simply want Azamara to change website so nobody else gets mislead. Bath is completely removed and ONLY shower cubicle although it is a decent size. It is being completely refitted in Belfast. We only found out by accident. We also want AZ. to recognise this and some compensation for the misleading advertising still on website despite changes known last October. i need to know who will take this up with AZ. thanks for input
  7. Azamara Pursuit. Owners suites have no bath despite website showing same. Azamara have known since October. Cost difference is £2000
  8. Thanks for reply. As you guess there are 2 issues. 1: They have known since October that these rooms will not have baths so I want website changed for others. 2: Price differential is £2000 so it would be nice to get that also. I have written to their H O in Miami requesting changes and compensation. In addition they are advertising the rooms on their website as refurbished in 2016 when the ship they bought from P & O has not even started refurbishing in Northern Ireland. If you wish you could certainly google the particular ship.
  9. I have booked a cabin which company website states bath is included. Since October last year it has been confirmed that these cabins will not have baths. I have raised this with the company twice but no change to website despite promise it would change 3 weeks ago. Any idea of next steps/compensation for not receiving what they are still advertising today. Thanks
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