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  1. Evening ladies and gentlemen, I will hope you like this one. Our old friends at Lowells informed me a few months ago that there was a default on my account but the only people who could see it were me, Lowells and the OC. Proof there is no brain amongst them. Could someone please answer me this, can an account be defaulted if it is not a CCA 1974. Would appreciate the help. Many Thanks Tommy
  2. Hi folks, I bought a phone from Cash Generators and it was fraudulently sold as it was under contract- sold without ownership. In a short time the phone which I couldn't get unlock codes for was blocked by EE. I am currently going through small claims and contacted EE to get a letter from them to produce in court to say they were the true owners, I was told that they wouldn't supply any letters and to return the phone with my solicitor getting in contact, I told them that won't happen. Has any advice on what to say in court that would help my case?? Many thanks Tommy
  3. Hi dx, I have current situation is I am not working and barely make it by on a week to week basis, there is not a lot of spare money about and I'm maybe talking £20-30 per month. What's your opinion???
  4. Hi dx no freeman of the land stuff here, it was vanquis in 2015
  5. Hi Folks it's my first email post so be gentle with your comments please, The problem I have is that I signed up for a credit card a few years ago (2015) I was issued with a credit card and received my bills on line, my monthly bill was paid then in March 2017 I agreed to pay less than usual which took me up to June 2017 and after that I have never paid another penny, the current status is £2300 but when my life changed in March 2017 I did inform them of my situation and my limit went down to £2100 from the £2500. Now the main problem I have is that I applied over the phone for the card (so I was never asked for a wet ink signature. The digital signature contract has what states my account number 16 digits , on the paperwork I requested Regards a copy of full accounts, they have the account number as a 19 digit pan.number which is the same number they have as my account is entered in all credit reference agencies . As well as this they also have another account stating Requested Account Number which is a different number entirely and 16 digits long. What I would like to know is where do I legally stand with regards to the whole situation, this is only for 1 account and I have made the company Aware on various occasions
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