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  1. So after much more time on this I have found out: 1) can't do section 75 reclaim as jacket cost under 100 pounds 2) can't do chargeback as past time limit 3) consumer credit act not easy as it would either require me to go to court in England as that's where their registered office is, or doesn't apply because of some transport exclusion in rules. The only possible light at the end of this long tunnel is I may be able to use a Scottish office address rather than English. Totally fed up with this. In the meantime Hermes have offered me either a 31 pounds refund or 38 pounds credit for an online account which I'll never need as I'll never use Hermes again. Going to see CAB on Tuesday to see if there;s anything else I can do.
  2. Ok thanks, will look into it. Thanks for your advice. Feel much better informed now.
  3. Original purchase thru ASOSmarketplace online - 1 Nov. Jacket arrived 10 Nov. Jacket was bigger than expected but my son still liked it (apart from stale 'vintage' smell and torn collar/waistband). On 11 Nov seller (Adewears) kindly suggested getting it cleaned and repaired at their cost or else return for a full refund inc P&P. Cost of repair/cleaning was too expensive at 40 pounds so I decided on 28 Nov to return. It then took me a few days to arrange P&P back to Ireland and it was finally sent on 5 Dec. Booked Hermes Door-to-Door (the irony) online and took it along to my local ParcelShop for collection. Delivery was quoted as 'no later than 15th'. On 14th Dec it went missing.
  4. ?? Do you mean to claim against Hermes for the delivery cost? or full cost of everything? The original retailer is not at fault here.
  5. Thanks for the helpful replies. I wish I'd seen the bedtime reading before I committed. I was returning it because it was too big, and although advertised as 'vintage', it wasn't up to the quality I expected (being slightly damaged). Paid for with credit card. I have no idea how to go about proceeding with court action but I will threaten them with it anyway. Is this through the small claims court?
  6. Hi, Had to return a jacket from Scotland to Ireland via Hermes. Tracking the parcel got through a few steps and then went missing the day before it was due to be delivered back to retailer. Jacket cost 90 pounds, +10 delivery +Hermes charge of 12 pounds (total 112). Unfortunately I did not take out extra insurance, believing it to be unnecessary. MyHermes saying it's being reviewed, but will not accept my screenshot of receipt which clearly shows price of jacket and delivery charge. Now 3 months down the line and thinking I'll be lucky to get 20 quid back. If the parcel had been returned I would have got a full refund of 112. I'm absolutely gutted. Hermes should not get off with this and of course I keep wondering where the jacket is - stolen or lying around somewhere. It was very securely packaged and labeled. Is there anything else I can do?
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