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  1. whoever edited [removed] for "why" can you please change it back.. it should be [removed] not why .. [removed]
  2. And you havn't read through properly have you? As i keep reiterating, i'm only looking for how the LHA entitlement is affected by the circumstance in such a case. why is watching TV in 2018 in an airbnb room in central London! It seems some of you guys don't get the original intended vibe of international room surfing . Remind me not to give out party invites on here
  3. So yes, it would be a separate sole trader self employment. Please do tell!
  4. Yes, i see your point, though I'd rather not think of it as a "scheme" if you please. As I said I am currently self employed, on a low income. I already have a permanent live in lodger, this is perfectly allowed, and encouraged if you can't make the full rent. I just want to make my life a bit easier by not having someone there all of the time but still making enough to get by and meet my full rent as the max LHA rate your receive for the area is £80 pw below current average rentals in the area. It is no my idea of enterprise or a scheme to kip down in one room with a
  5. You obviously don't know my LA! I have posted the question to Shelter and LA both see it is as grey area. In the past I have found LA and CAB not as useful as Rightsnet and such discussion boards. From research and a few forum posts it seems there are a couple of ways it could be interpreted. I was hoping there would be some experts on here to discuss with. I would post on Rightsnet but I am sadly not an advisor!
  6. OK this is all great info around the legalities of the BnB thanks guys. I know about rent a room scheme, tax etc and will definitely be reading through all of safety regs etc. Now does anyone know how a "Visiting Paying Guest" who does not use the room as their "Main Home" affects entitlement to Housing Benefit as appose to a "Lodger" who does use the room as their "Main Home" ? Not in an income sense etc but in a Circumstances sense. This is my main query.
  7. it doesn't strike me that all of those are immediately related to safety, but yes i would ensure safety etc met the standards of the hosting service used to source the guests.
  8. 1 bedroom flat. 2 seperate rooms, classically a living room and a bedroom. But this is zone 2 london where single room living is extremely common due to prices
  9. That doesn't concern me too much from a Benefits point of view, as there is still part of the home that I occupy, live, sleep in that isn't used for the business. Its more this bit i hadn't thought about.. "by declaring your self a B&B you may be required to join the tourist board, have inspections made, carry out fire risk assessments, third party insurance etc"
  10. If I recall correctly, there is definitely a distinction in Housing Benefit that says it has be the lodgers "Main Home". As it would not be a temporary paying guests "Main Home", perhaps there a chance I wouldn't need to declare/notify of the short visit and only declare the income with my self employed? Declaring a BnB would be something I'd want to totally avoid though also it seems.
  11. Hi i am self employed on a low income and claiming Housing Benefit on a 1 bed (2 room) flat in an inner london brma. I have been renting one of the rooms out to a lodger on a permanent basis and receiving the 2 bed rate minus income deductions from the lodger. I would like to begin renting the room occupied by my lodger on a less permanent basis, to paying BnB visitors for weekend. Is this possible and what would be what is the best way to go about this without creating a change of circumstances every weekend that I have a paying visitor? All i can find is that there isn'
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