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  1. Sorry for the late reply, Does this show the PDF claim form? I wrote my claims particulars, I read it to the Citizens Advice employee who said it was fine to send and would do the job, I wish they'd have given me a bit more advice but they've told me their isn't much they can do now MyHermes are representing themselves, they've hired no solicitors and are just defending themselves through their own legal department. I don't have access to a scanner till Monday, so I won't be able to upload there defence until then, but it just states that they knew it was a guitar and it's value, but then they just referred to their own terms and conditions and said they are fully defending their claim, to which then follows is just their terms and conditions in booklet form from their website. I only went through with mediation because I thought it would give them the chance to settle the claim, but as you said, they only used it to try and bully me into not going to court, I hope this helps, Thanks Claimants claim form - MyHermes.pdf
  2. I didn't pay for any additional cover, thanks Did you receive the image BankFodder?
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, I'll post the PDF file asap, I did do a lot of research before starting up the claim on how the court process works ect, I had the arguments I was going to use against them, such as breaching the duty of care for my parcel/negligence and failing to hold there end of the contract up to safely deliver my parcel. But they have dismissed these arguments at the mediation and have said I don't have a leg to stand on, and they're confident that they're going to win the case, I was hoping my arguments were good enough to use in court still, I have evidence that I stated the contents/value of the parcel, and they still chose to carry my parcel, It seems like they're trying to convince me not to go to court by making out that I'm going to 100% lose the case, Their defence was indeed a 32 page booklet of all their terms and conditions, they filed an acknowledgement of service to begin with and stated that they were going to fully defend their claim.
  4. Hi, I sent a parcel via MyHermes containing an Electric Guitar, MyHermes knew this was a guitar as I informed them of the contents and value before posting, I dropped it off at the parcelshop and the last I ever heard of the parcel was it was scanned into my local depot, I involved the police who said they couldn't do anything due to lack of evidence, but have suggested it's highly likely to have been stolen, but due to the item been on the excluded items list, they said I won't be able to get any compensation for a £500 item, I've filed a court case and went through mediation with MyHermes who offered me a sum below £150, I politely declined the offer and said I'd rather carry on with the court proceedings, they also said to the mediation person that they're confident I don't have a leg to stand on in court and are happy to defend, I want to know if this is the case? will I lose in court? surely they have to have broken some form of contract? they just keep blaming me for sending the item I don't know whether to contact MyHermes and see if they'll let me accept the offer if this is the case that it's highly likely I'll lose the court case, Thanks
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