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  1. Great thanks. I know that is a massive IF but just thinking king about the future. Vic
  2. I've had constant calls and a couple of emails I've the past few days, all added to a diary I'm keeping as suggested. If they were to go to court, would this affect my credit rating. Regards Vic
  3. Thankyou, I'll will do that! It's really quite anxiety provoking getting letters and 10's of telephone calls daily. Vic
  4. Good Evening, In the middle of January 2018 I received a telephone call from ARC requesting £112 for unpaid gym membership from 2015. I recalling talking to the receptionist at Bannatynes when I wanted to cancel my membership and was advised that I needed to give one month's notice. I did this via their head office on the telephone where they said one more month's payment would be taken and then by membership would cease. After the last payment was taken via DD I cancelled so they could not take any further payments. I received numerous telephone calls from who I believe was ARC as they called intitially on a mobile number, I have not answered since. Today 6/03/18 I have received a letter from Major Law advising unless they hear from me in 14 days they will seek their clients instructions regarding issuing a County Court Claim against me at Northampton County Court for the recovery of this amount. Debt balance £112 Court fee £25 Solicitors costs £50 Annual interest £8.96 Total £195.96 Where do I stand with this? I have no written evidence that I cancelled my membership and no access to bank statements from 2015 Any advise would be greatly reieved Regards Vic
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