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  1. I appreciate your advice and will look into that as an option. Many thanks.
  2. I have what was an agreed Lloyds Current Account overdraft of £7000 and yes its on the high side and has remained that way for many years following a redundancy. The new charges mean that instead of me paying £90 per month as I was up until Summer 2017, I now pay over £280 per month. That an increase of £2300 in charges per year totalling over £3400 per annum. Does anyone have any information on whether my situation is actually lawful or not and whether it is worth taking to the ombudsman? I would guess a bank switch is unlikely to be accepted. Feeling particularly aggrieved as I have only ever banked with Lloyds and have done for 40+ years. I'd appreciate anyone's help or comment. Thank you.
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