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  1. Thank you all, the help is very much appreciated. I will let you know how I get on.
  2. Thank You Can I ask here what would be acceptable or do I need to go elsewhere for advice? Im a single mum with 3 children Self Employed earning £50-£70 a week but trying to build this up all the time, Housing Benefit and tax credits The amount is for less than £550 I dont want them to reject my offer ... Also do I need to do anything to stop the Warrant of Control, as I dont know when they will apply for this?
  3. The letter states please be so good as to contact us on 0203 126 4544 But at the bottom of the letter is the same telephone number plus an email address
  4. Hi There, I was hoping somebody might be able to help me out. I moved in 2016, moved again in 2017. Thought I had brought all of my debts with me but I guess I didn't. This will have been from a long time ago, Wageday advance payday loan and I must have assumed it was paid off as hadn't heard anything from them in a while I have just had a letter arrive via the postman from Moriarty Law It says; We have been instructed by our above named client to write to you with relation to the Judgement they have obtained against you. (I wasn't aware of this but have checked my
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