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  1. Hi ericsbrother..I figured late post doesn't matter... I cant find the first NTD/NTK at the moment but am I right in thinking I should wait for a claim from UKCPS and not contact them between now and then. I think i should go back to the carpark and get some photos of the signage... cheers
  2. Thank you Dragonfly...I fully intend to go to court with them and dx100uk these are all I can find at the moment cheers So if they didn't send photographic evidence with the original Notice to Registered Keeper but only sent it after the appeal had timed out...could that be seen as invalidating the process?
  3. Hi I cant find the original notice to driver. .Im usually pretty good with keeping documents! The event was on the 28/10/2017 but I didn't receive any documents from UKCPS until close to Christmas as they had been misdirected to a neighbours address. I eventually replied saying I wasn't the driver and could they send me photographic evidence to help me identify the driver. No evidence had been sent with the first notices. UKCPS added that as i had appealed out of time that the parking charge would stand....Ill try and find the original documents. However, I have asked their DCA (Debt Recovery Plus Ltd) to return the account as the charge is disputed. I am about to reply to UKCPS and I'm inclined to test the default to registered driver.. .contract law is very specific and if UKCPS haven't breached the expressed terms there maybe a breach of the implied terms. Sorry that was a bit of a muddle...Ill try and find the letters...thanks for your interest
  4. Hi this is my first post...so apologies in advance if I'm not doing it right! I've done the research after getting a notice from UKCPS. I wasn't the driver at the time so they are pursuing me as the registered keeper. What Id like to know is how the Protection of Freedom Act is being used by them to circumvent Contract Law... My question is if I wasn't there and didn't read their signage how can I bound by their contract?
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