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  1. Thank you Sir Well, I had more than a few replies to my post, case is now closed. I'm a happy Bonny
  2. I just spoke to Neil Coles of Coles Sewing Centre Ltd. Mr. Coles has offered a full refund. Thank you. Regards
  3. Yes this is fine,but I need to let you know that I will be recording any phone conversation entered into.
  4. In response to Neil Coles' reply, I am grateful that you took the time to reply, thank you. Yes, it has caused me endless sleepless nights, but, as you've stated you are going address this matter I will not follow up with a very public slanging match, it is just not in my nature, and yes, when we all get to a certain age we like to live as close to a stress free life if possible. Regards
  5. They are indeed a small family owned and run company (this is what first drew me to them) that and the fact that I already own another Husqvarna machine. The policies displayed on their site is impressive, but, they are not adhering to their own policies on this occasion. After purchasing from them and encountering problems with the machine I started to look around the internet for information with regards to the performance of this particular machine.................. Based on what I found I would have never bought that particular machine. The general opinions of a lot of Husqvarna owners is the machine has lost it's credibility since being brought out by a holding company. I cannot post links to Blogs with complaints of this particular machine (haven't posted enough to have this privilege) When raised the question with the shop about the faulty rocker arm and that Husqvarna had done a modification to their product I was told that the modification did NOT include my particular machine, but the model below it. I had asked for a refund BEFORE reading these horror stories, the list of catastrophes regarding Husqvarna machines is endless, just check Facebook.
  6. Hello BankFodder, thank you for your input/reply. The machine was sent back to the trader: Coles Sewing Centre Ltd, Nottingham, this was accompanied by a (recorded) short term right to reject letter (Dated 11/02/2018) as well as an email containing a video of the machine's error. Another recorded was sent on February 18th reinforcing my request for a refund and clearly stating my rejection of the machine. The last phone contact I had with them was Feb 7th, I have no intention of speaking to them via phone because of their high-handed manner. Should I try to go down the Section 75 route or Small Claims court? Your help in this matter would be much appreciated.
  7. Hello renegadeimp, thank you for your reply. I've sent off two recorded letters to him, in both letters I have made it clear that I was not accepting the machine, also quoted from Consumer Rights Act.
  8. I recently bought (January 18th 2018) an ex display sewing machine for £1499.00 (advertised on their website that ALL of their ex display machines are serviced before going out to customers) first off the lady on the phone told me that they do not post out on Saturdays and it would cost £20 for delivery, as this was on a Thursday I failed to see the relevance. The machine was posted out via courier (Parcel Force) and arrived on January 20th. I set the machine up (Husqvarna Topaz 50) downloaded the complementary software from the Husqvarna site and prepared to sew by connecting the machine to my laptop, there was NO response from the machine, the USB port on the machine was not lightning up. All I could do was sew designs that came pre-programmed with the machine (which defeats the object and pleasure of being able to transfer bought designs) I contacted the shop and the person who answered the phone immediately tried to blame the courier for 'throwing' the machine around, however, she did say that sometimes during transportation that the USB cable can become dislodged from the Motherboard, she made arrangements to have the machine collected, it duly was (January 25th) While I was on the phone with the assistant I asked her for the invoice and serial number of the machine so that I could register it (safeguarding my warranty) she told me I needen't worry as they would be registering the machine on my behalf. It did cause some concern to me (which I tried to get across) but was spoken 'down to and over' All my partner (whose credit card was used to make the payment) had was a till receipt and a Barclaycard statement indicating that a payment had been taken out by the establishment. On January 27th the machine was returned to me, I once again set it up only to discover that the machine would not stay threaded, the top thread kept 'leaping' pout of the take-up lever/rocker arm, sending messages on the screen to clear threads from the embroidery area when there were NO threads present. I phoned the shop (AGAIN) They told me it was 'user-error' from my end and that I MUST have been using 'cheap' threads, the wrong stabilizer, did I 'floss' the machine (flossing: hold the SILK threads in BOTH hands and do a sawing motion through the tension disks)..... As anyone who sews knows that silk is NOT the strongest medium for sewing, it is a soft material only used for decorative sewing. The lady on the phone 'walked me through' a few steps (don't know how she could tell what I was or wasn't doing on the phone.... Immediately after threading and placing my foot on the pedal the thread broke, her remark was....'Hmm, never had one that went THAT quickly) I know, should have recorded phone call. I again phoned on the 29th, they insisted I 'pop' along to the shop and use the machine in front of them to see if I was doing something 'wrong' Now, I told them that it wasn't THAT easy for me to get to them (they are nearly 70 miles away from me) Sn February 2nd I phoned them and told them in no uncertain terms that I DO NOT want the machine and could I have the money credited to my partners credit card, at this time I was speaking to the wife of the owner who told me I was NOT entitled to any sort of refund!! I told my partner who rang them (Feb 2nd) somehow they managed to persuade him to allow them to a SECOND repair.......I categorically told them I did NOT want the machine!! I sent a recorded letter informing them that I am NOT willing to accept something that does not fit the bill of 'in perfect working order' When my partner spoke to them they had agreed to send a courier to collect the machine. I also sent them a video of the machine acting up. I followed up with ANOTHER recorded letter (after taking advice from Which Magazine) legal team, sent a short term right to reject (?) letter.................. The shop owner still ISN'T playing ball, he's still insisting that I 'pop' over and take advantage (only offered after the first letter to him) of their two day 'getting-to-know-your-machine' course. In a letter he sent to me (dated Feb 13th) he said he would be more than happy to prove to me that there was NOTHING wrong with the machine and that I had accepted the machine with a fault (he's admitted that the machine came to me with this fault) he also states that if I no longer want the machine that I should say so in writing and he could sell it on my behalf, but for him doing so it would cost me £100. I have since had another letter from him ( an after thought, I think) letting me know that the machine stitches beautifully and not to forget that I have a five year warranty. He's also sent me an email (dated Feb 28th) in which he's attached 2 PDF documents letting me all about the modifications of the Husqvarna take up lever (2009 and 2011) a link to the 'Buy with confidence website, to which he is a member he states and I quote from his email "They can assist you with any consumer/retailer issues, and we have to abide by their findings, they can also put you in touch with a Trading Standards Officer if needed all at no cost to you". no mention of giving me my refund. in my last recorded letter to him (22nd Feb) I gave him 14 days to refund my money or I will take it to the next level....... . Asking for advice from those in the know on this forum, what is the next step please.
  9. Hello all, as the title of my post suggests, I'm new here I have lurked in some of the other advice forums and my,oh, my, what a wealth of information. I think I am going to stick around. For those of us in the UK, have a great weekend and mind the snow.
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