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  1. Please could you clarify - are you suggesting that it's possible for an HCEO to waive the £75+VAT charge? The other side did turn up and defend themselves. Regarding the entity, at first the claim was against what I thought was the company but it turned out to be a trading name (there was no reference to it being a trading name on the invoice) so I submitted a change to the court and it is now against the owner personally. I don't have any post-judgment letters yet and the MCOL site has not changed for many months. I've been looking into the various options and it
  2. For reference - the industry standard is apparently £75 +VAT, unsure if this is per visit or a total charge, I'll clarify next week.
  3. Perfect, thank you. Am I correct in saying that the HCEO should only charge me a small amount if they are unsuccessful?
  4. Hi, first post here, please forgive me for it might be a long one - I've summarised at the end if you want to skip to the questions. I recently won a small claims case against a car dealer a few weeks back, however, I feel that they have no intention of paying and I have a number of questions. The judge gave a deadline for payment of next week but no paperwork has been received yet. I tried calling the courts today but it was late in the day and nobody answered, I'll try again tomorrow, hopefully they're not shut due to the weather. With that in mind, if the payment deadline day
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