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  1. He hasn't binned them we haven't received anything he is off at college all day so he doesn't even see the mail, we have had nothing form the council
  2. Hello Hope anyone can help My son received an enforcement notice from the guys at Equita regarding parking with wheels on the footway. he has no recollection of this being an 18 year old and what they have to think about he's unlikely going to. he don't remember the incident and certainly didn't have a ticket on the car. The offence took place last June 2017, no correspondence the local authority have been received at all but this one from Equita a week ago. .The original debt was £118 its now £235, we are all in the wrong business!!! What i would like to know is, is this enforceable and should he just ignore it. The car is no longer in his possession, although he is still the registered owner Its off the road SORN but not at his address, he doesn't work, he's a student and nothing in the house belongs to him other than clothing. How far can they go ?? Any help will be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance
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