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  1. Ok got this letter back off solicitor saying the original credit agreement with black horse finance was terminated on 19/11/2010 what does this mean. Is that when I last paid ?
  2. Hi I’m not sure I should post the ccj number on here, what is the reason for asking ?
  3. Got a default CCJ from dfs / black horse finance. I Checked my credit file and found it, it’s from Jan 2016 Sent to old family house, not lived there for years and fell out with my siblings. I am on the electoral role there still though for some reason Got couch in 2007 Stopped paying in 2010? Got made Redundant in same year and couldn’t afford to pay and lost my house and everything. I did pay it off for 4 years so can’t understand how outstanding amount can still be £800 Is there any chance I can get this set aside? I’m reading about statue barred but I’m not sure
  4. Need to find out from solicitor handling the case when I last paid this account, so I know if it could be statute barred. How do I go about asking them for the info
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