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  1. I agree with your point but he's saying he doesn't see the point of providing his info when he / we as a family have no intention of claiming any benefits once he moves in.
  2. Thank you. I will call them when he moves in. I understand you can also make changes online?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently a single mum of 2 and claim working tax credit and child tax credit. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving in together (him moving into my home). I said I will inform Tax Credits accordingly and make a joint claim once he moves in. The problem is, he has made it very clear that he will not provide proof of his wages etc (it's his privacy). He said that he wants to provide and we won't be eligible for anything so I should just call them and close my claim. My question is: Can I just call to say I wish to end my tax credit claim as
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