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  1. I agree with everything you've said, just thought it might be worth a try to contact the courier directly as I've had similar dealings in the past with parcel2go and actually found that contacting the courier directly actually got us somewhere (they were able to locate the parcel and deliver it). Unfortunately P2G employ a team of fobbers whose job it is to sit on the live chat and try to avoid actually resolving anything. Even if they do acknowledge a failure in delivery they often try to offer you credit for the site, instead of an actual refund. This is useless because in all likelyhood you are never going to use that site again if you have a bad experience with them.
  2. I just want to mention that in my experience parcel2go is a broker that offers a variety of delivery options from various different couriers for example; dhl, hermes, parcelforce etc. As I understand it your contract is still with parcel2go and they are responsible for dealing with any claims, but it's possible you might be able to reach out to whichever courier was used for more information if they are willing to discuss the parcel with you (for example, if it was hermes you can find an email address for their ceo online and write in your complaint to them). Also I believe parcel2go may argue that the level of compensation may be restricted if you didn't take our extra insurance at the time of booking the delivery, up to the full value of the item. Did you purchase insurance?
  3. We didnt sign any contract, we asked for it in advance to read, they promised to bring it on the day but didn't. They sent terms in the post several weeks later.
  4. We are out of pocket yes. They sold 2k worth of our items but never paid us for those and kept the money. They further demanded 4k in fees for taking back the items we collected despite promising us no fee on those. Also several hundred for an advert they placed which we weren't even made aware of until now, and couple of hundred for their costs for collecting the items (the only fee that I feel they are entited to is collection).
  5. I entrusted some items to a company to sell. We agreed that there would be no fee if I was unhappy for any reason and wanted to take back items. I have this in writing and verbally. In the following months they did not fulfill promises made, and were miss-placing items, and not handling them correctly. I therefore decided to take them back which was done. When I took them back I noted missing items, but they denied that they ever had them despite my having photographic evidence. They have now sent fees for taking the items back, collection, plus fee for advertising (I was never consulted upon, nor aware of the advertisement). I was going to write that I will pay for collection but have no agreement with them to pay the other two. In fact categorically have it in writing no fees for taking back items. They have also kept all proceeds from the sales so far.
  6. I would put a claim in now, for the full value of the item up to the £500 that you have paid the extra insurance for. As you've used parcel2go your claim will be with them and they will need to liase with hermes and sort it out. Even if they do find the item it's no longer usable if damaged so they should compensate you. You are not alone in this, when I've tried to use parcel2go in the past for a collection nobody showed up either. And hermes are terrible for large or delicate items. Almost every large item I've ever had shipped with them was either returned to sender as damaged, or lost completely.
  7. I have considered that, but I think it would end up costing more than the cost the company is demanding ((not a small amount either, 4 figure sum) and I really don't feel that I'm at fault here, the company appears to be going back on everything they promised. I want to try and resolve it without going to a solicitor and hoped to get advice as to whether I was doing the right thing or not but I can't post it publicly. I know this is frustrating, and it is to me too, but I can't deal with all the nasty messages affecting my mental health.
  8. Hi, I am having problems with a company who are trying to levy on substantial charges that they promised do not apply to me (have it in writing several times as well as verbally on numerous occasions). I decided not to use their services because of multiple failures on their part, but they are still trying to charge me. However the company is watching me online and I can't name them, nor the type of company they are because it's a specific type that there are very few of and they will immediately find it. They find everything I post and then send legal threats saying it's slander. Is there any way I can liase with somebody privately about the issue to get some advice? I'm not sure if I'm taking the right course of action.
  9. Company was called sofa club but seem to trade under a few different names. My friend is not the type to pursue matters like this so I checked online to see that he was covered by section 75 rang his bank explained the issue and passed the phone over to him. They said they would let him know their decision. He then got an email or letter saying it was denied due to it being delivered to his daughter. I could not see why his bank was being so difficult being that I could find no exclusions relating to the delivery address. I believe there was a problem with the arm of the chair upon arrival and general quality was so poor that it started to fall apart almost immediately. After countless communications with the company they failed to repair or replace and seemed like they were just procrastinating the issue, they promised to come and look at it but then said the same thing again after, it had been ongoing for some months. I will get more info when I next see him, but from what he’s said it’s a waste of time talking to the company hence going down the claims route with the bank.
  10. Hi my friend bought a sofa for his daughter from an online retailer. It arrived defective and after much back and forth the result is that they won’t resolve the issue. He went to his bank and tried to claim as he paid with his credit card. They say he’s not covered because the sofa he bought was delivered to his daughter. Their terms make no mention of this from what we could see and it seems irrelevant as he still paid for it on his credit card in good faith and the item as defective and not as described.
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