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  1. Thank you for your reply Silver Fox. I appreciate the explanation and you have definately put my mind at ease! I panicked and was very scared. Having never been in any situation like this I just assumed the worst! As soon as I receive a letter I will contact you all on here for the next step. Thanks again
  2. This is the letter I received on the day by the security. I can’t really remember as I was in a state but I think He said I will get a letter to cover costs of time
  3. No one has contacted me yet. It happened on Friday. I have a letter that states I’m permantly withdrawn from the store. The letter also says that Sainsburys had a policy of perusing civil recovery in circumstances where the company has suffered a loss. It states that Sainsburys may pass on my details to agents who work on behalf of Sainsburys in accordance with this policy and in pursuit of a claim
  4. Can I message you this evening honeybee in here when I’m home from work around 8 Yes I’ve booked my gp!
  5. I’ve told you everything. I went thru self checkout. Paid for produce, missed some, then got pulled into the back. No police, store manager and 2 security guards. Took my details. I got a copy of a letter saying I will get a letter. They added up goods not paid for, they kept that and I left with the paid goods. Silver fox mentioned in a post above about it so just panicked. I was banned.
  6. No reason I’ve told you everything. I went thru self checkout, paid for goods. Missed some and then got pulled into the back. The security took my details and said I’d get a letter. I’m just panicking. They added up the goods not paid for a kept them and I left with the goods I paid for. Was banned. I’m only mentioning courts as silver fox mentioned it
  7. No there’s another one from earlier this month. Looks like there’s a few! Just need to know I won’t go to court I get mixed feelings about it all as I can’t talk to anyone
  8. Anyone know how the Tesco thread person got on? Posted this month Could the courts be involved?? Just seen your thread
  9. I need to be assured that this won’t be taken further. I expect a letter but nothing else will become if this will it? Police? Courts? My mind can’t settle
  10. Is it worth speaking to citizen advice. I feel I need to speak to someone about it
  11. Thank u silver fox! As soon as I get a letter I’ll upload and take it from there?
  12. When and if I receive the letters (no doubt I will) if I pay the fine would that be the end of it? I have a ban but would the letters and potential for anymore action be stopped?? No court action?? So worried
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