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    DVLA arrears

    Hi, I recently discovered that the Direct Debit I set up to pay my Car Tax got cancelled after only one payment. Unfortunately this payment was in March 2015, never had any contact from the DVLA to the best of my knowledge either about this or that they were "first payment was marked for refund" Contacted the DVLA to query this (that quote was what the guy on the phone said) and it turned out that the dealer I bought the van off had been a bit slower than me in sending back his section of the V5. So when mine was processed it was quickly nullified by his, hence the cancelling of the direct debit. I have continued my life thinking that I don't have to worry about my tax as if anything changed I would be contacted about it. Until I checked my tax status and it said I was untaxed. The letter from the DVLA enforcement department arrived today and says they cancelled the direct debit in error and that I owe £655 in tax arrears, which I am happy to pay, however the letter also says they are unable to accept installments. I have gone from starting a direct debit to spread the payments of my car tax, to having to pay almost 3 years of tax in a single lump sum. Due in part to my slack attitude to checking my finances, but due in a large part to the DVLA cancelling my DD and not telling me. Interestingly, during the period I was 'not the registered keeper' I received a speeding fine from the constabulary the letter arriving in the same delivery as my housemate who was caught by the same camera on the same day! So I was obviously registered on someone's list. Anyone got any advice on how I should proceed? I cannot afford £655 in a lump sum without going into debt which I have just about crawled out of by working 2 jobs.
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