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  1. I sent a SAR recorded delivery and Royal Mail lost it so I thought it was a guaranteed way of making sure it got there but as far as the case worker at ICO is concerned it only prooves the branch had a letter and not its content and proof of ID.
  2. Certainly am, so my options are slightly limited, i really thought a signed stamped receipt from HSBC addressed to their data controller was proof enough I have sent them a SAR and being ignored but ICO ar not accepting this just makes it harder than it needs to be.
  3. Hello Caggers just after a bit of guidance, I have sent a SAR to HSBC and pretty much been ignored ended up lodging complaints to FOS and ICO, the end game is all about PPI. I am corresponding with ICO and they will only get involved if HSBC have refused or ignored my request. I told the ICO my request has been ignored and sent them a signed receipt for the SAR delivered into a HSBC branch for delivery through internal mail system to HSBC data controller. The ICO have now come back and said this is not proof the bank have received the SAR and not proof the bank have
  4. I like that idea getting the complaints running simultaneously with FOS and ICO, will post any updates as they occur. Many Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info BankFodder and Queens_king much appreciated, Which governing body would be concerned if I'm not able to successfully get the SAR?TIA.
  6. Thanks BankFodder I asked a relative to hand deliver the SAR in branch and obtain a receipt so should be able to support my claim. Will upload the letter once I'm in front of a scanner, I stand to be corrected the letter stated " we haven't been able to find any information in your name with details given, please provide a full account number as we cannot locate from four digits provided"
  7. Hi BankFodder no I don't think HSBC have cashed the cheque, Lloyds and HSBC only had my new address when I contacted them earlier in the year regarding PPI, Lloyds have corresponded 4 times to this address since then and HSBC once.
  8. Hello Caggers Any help surrounding a SAR with Lloyds and HSBC. I've been going backwards and forwards with Lloyds for nearly 4 months," no record of my account in their system,please supply full account no." Raised a SAR and finally they find me in their system but are requesting certified only documentation as proof of name and address. I must add I live overseas so any correspondence is a really drawn out process, it appears to take 5 weeks for a letter to get to Australia from Lloyds. Do the banks normally stipulate certified paperwork only? It feels like the bank are putting up as many
  9. Thanks BankFodder/dx100uk I didn't know about the 8% statint so that's good, not as good as the 1.2% daily interest AMEX charge when you owe them lol. All up I could probably be asking them for couple hundred £, will keep you updated thanks.
  10. I will be claiming it back, are they liable for interest x 14 years? There is a small amount i paid in PPI, they claim I never paid any although I can prove otherwise plus the excessive charges for late fees etc.
  11. Hi Caggers I recently sent a SAR to AMEX chasing PPI I had with them, when all the statements came back it also shows I have a small amount I must have overpaid to them back in 2004. I don't use the card any more and have never had a cheque for the balance I'm owed, they continued to send statements to my old address even though I gave them a new address. Anyone else found themselves in the same situation? TIA
  12. Hi just wondered if anyone else has raised a SAR with National Hunter and how far back their records go? Many Thanks
  13. Hello fellow Caggers just an update on my case of PPI with Amex, my SAR paperwork arrived very comprehensive and all the way back to 2007, Amex clearly stated I did not have PPI even though it appears on some old statements I already had. The SAR also showed a negative balance for a small amount that goes back years and is still with AMEX. I'm interested if anyone else has been in the same position and had a negative balance on an old card that has only just come to light. TIA
  14. Thanks for the info really was the best idea joining CAG!
  15. I just clicked on the FOS link which really doesn't paint a very good picture of them and now I am mindful that it said I will first of all need to have exhausted the banks process, TIA
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