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  1. Hello again, I sent the letter and never got a reply. Also sent emails which were ignored. I am now being chased for £200 + by CRS who are now phoning my place of work and telling my colleagues I am in debt! What should I do? I cant believe 8 month later this is still and issue. Thanks
  2. Yes - youre right! Ok i will cancel the whole lot. K
  3. Hi Slick, For the time being i will just cancel the PT membership not the monthly fee, so if you could help with that aspect id be very grateful. K
  4. Well I had though it was £9.99 but must have been £11.99 - probably my mistake. Thanks so much for taking the time to help.
  5. I realise I can't get what they haven't got , my question was more upon, have they not breached consumer rights by misleading advertising? Unfortunately, they are the only stockists of said items in the UK, and as they are manufactured in the UK they can't be imported.
  6. Hello again, Yes please to drafting the letter. Id be happy to remove the gym membership too. Its actually 11.99 per month, paid on the last day of the month. Ive had four sessions in total so should be refunded £108.00 from the original £180.00 Thanks As to when in Jan it was the start of the month.
  7. Hello, I ordered items online nearly five weeks ago for a new business i am setting up. The cost of goods was over £1500. Still i have only received little under half of the goods despite the website saying to allow up to 10 days. I have questioned this and apparently the items are out of stock. Surely this is misleading saying they have stock when really they don't especially as most of the stuff i purchased as a new business special offer. I dont want a refund as i need the goods, i feel they have been unfair as this is affecting my business. Are they obliged to kn
  8. Hi Slick, Thanks for your helpful response. Apologies about the opening remark! 1.) I paid the gym directly. I never got a receipt only on my bank statement it says £180.00 HARLANDS 2.) I never received any paperwork or signed any kind of contract 3.) I have been in a couple of times off the cuff but to be honest I've been trying to avoid the place as I'd end up getting angry! I'm aware I'm tied in with the £9.99 per month but its not that I'm bothered about. 4.) The last time I probably went in was early January - I went in to try and find someone to speak to but fig
  9. Sorry for yet 'another' post about [removed] xercise 4 less. Sorry, its rather lengthy.. At the end of August 2017 I took out a gym membership with xercise 4 less. I'd heard the horror stories however for £9.99 a month I was quite happy to be tied in for a year. Shortly afterwards on 14th September 2017, I decided to pay for 10 Personal Training sessions. The PT in question was friendly and approachable when undertaking my induction so felt more than happy to continue with him. I was promised a meal plan and other things but never received them despite asking numerous times.
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