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  1. Hi Slick, I still dont understand why should i send a letter.
  2. Hi Slick, I already sent the email i wrote yesterday. I found out that my account was not available for DD after i signed up to the gym.
  3. Dear CRS, I refer to the demands from CRS. My membership was never properly activated and therefore I don’t owe the amount of money you claim. Please stop contacting me. Best, I sent this earlier today. The address that they have its on my brothers house so i know what letter i get. Is it ok or did i do somehing wrong?
  4. For them it is the correct address.
  5. But they dont know that i moved and they think that that is the real address. Will they still go for a CCJ ?
  6. It is written in the T&Cs: 7. If you fail to pay any monies due under this agreement or if any Direct Debit is returned unpaid or any cheque is returned unpaid or if any other form of payment is not honoured for whatever reason, you shall pay Harlands on demand (i) an initial administration fee of £25; and (ii) any and all further reasonable costs incurred by Harlands in recovering the due fees and charges from you, including costs in tracing you if you have changed your address without telling us. Harlands’ right to recover these fees and costs shall be in addition to and witho
  7. What is the thing that prevents them from getting me to the court?
  8. So you are saying they are not gonna hunt me for the moeny i "owe"?
  9. Hi Slick132, Why should i tell them my address and why should i use a letter instead of email. How do i know they won't proceed with the court? From their point of view i breached the T&Cs by not paying the minimum amount which was 1 month.
  10. Hi Slick132, Thank you for the quick reply. I read some other threads but they didn't seem to be the case. Also they called me several times but i didnt awnser. Only one time i called them and they asked for my address and date of birth before talking anything with me and i told them i won't give them and they said that they cannot help me unless they verify that. Also the address they have its an old one since i moved out. 1. I used the gym only once at wnd of october before even my account was active. I singed up at 2nd of October and when i went there 2 days later i was
  11. Hi, I need some help asap. I joined TruGym in 2nd October 2017. Then my account was immediately defaulted because my bank account doesn't take DD. Because i didn't have another payment method i let it there. I wasn't able to access the gym at that time also. After 3 months in late december i received an email form CRS that i owe a debt of £167 passed by trugym Platinum. I tried to contact TruGym at first but they didnt reply in any emails. Then one month later i received another email from the CRS with a Letter attached saying that i owe £203 and that they will
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