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  1. Well, I had no choice but to send all documents which has made no difference. I have been insured for a few years and I haven't had any claims. I haven't changed address, I have no points or fines etc. My partner has managed to talk to them and he was told that I needed to send the documents by email. I have checked my policy online. They cancelled it. I haven't received any emails or a letter to inform me that my policy has been cancelled and more importantly why. I guess emailing them every day and trying to convince them to grant me permission to upload
  2. Has anyone received a similar email from their car insurers? I have insurance with Quotemehappy which is Aviva. They requested A copy of my photo card driving licence A copy of my ‘Licence Summary’ A copy of the V5 registration documents Proof of address: a utility or council tax bill dated within the last 3 months Where applicable, a copy of proof of ‘No Claims Discount’ from your previous insurer. They contacted me by email and I asked them to provide on online facility to upload my documents safely which they didn't. Then, they sent me another email assu
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