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  1. Great thanks, So do I sar them or would a phone all do
  2. Yeah I have looke through the search and I can’t find anything that relates to going after the underwriters, norton closed 2012 most threads are pre that
  3. It’s dead in the water, just been to Fscs page and they were not regulated at the time
  4. They don’t exist anymore
  5. HI I am wandering how I can find out if I was charged PPI from these brokers, it was either Norton or ocean, they got me a secured loan with Swift finance back in October 2005, I literally don’t know where to start. I was ripped off by thousands by swift, at the time I was gambling heavily and basically ended up selling my home to clear the debt, I have put of trying to find out anything because it just takes me back to a time when my life was in ruins, now I feel like It’s the time to try Any help would be appreciated, I also had a mortgage with preferred and Gmac, eould it be worth trying them
  6. Just for information, if you are an appointee for someone you cant use the online system I applied for one online for my daughter waited weeks for a reply only to be sent an application form because its not open for appointees
  7. where did you find info about CEO I have been searching. cant find anything, looking for email address
  8. I wouldn't have thought any DCA would have touched a CFO loan
  9. messing me around.......... Customer service say they cant replace or fix machine until claim is settled, claims department says they cant settle claim until machine is replaced or fixed can I send a pre action protocol by email?
  10. I have resent all photos with labels showing along with a completer timeline of events, also supplied Receipts for the 4 tshirts that were purchased in February and worn and washed once, I never sent them pics of underwear nightwear or towels etc just told them that numerous items had been ruined Told them I would accept an offer of £300, which I think is very fair, and also to get a move on with on as they wont return the machine until this claim is dealt with, if this fails or they start to mess me around I will take the above advice, it took me 2 hours to do this today, as well as the hour I spent the other day, its time I dont have.
  11. It was a short term loan, think it was 12 months..........received further email to say loan has now been found and passed to a manager
  12. I filed a formal complaint with H and T yesterday, I was approved for a loan despite having 22 defaults on my credit file, all for high cost borrowing... I remember applying for the loan and an agent calling me back telling me to change my outgoings as they were too much. Claim filed yesterday.........received this reply today, Hello, Thank you for your email. I am unfortunately only able to find Pledge loans in your name. Regards and that was it basically
  13. email received today from claims department today offering me £80 for the clothes......told them to take a run and jump!........4 tshirts alone ruined in March purchased In april worth £220......they reminded me they were not an insurance company so can only offer a contribution. Also received and email from CS who said they cant do anything about the machine until the claims department has finished, I dont understand this, I need a machine, why do I have to wait for the claims department.... Any advice? p.s I still have receipts for t shirts and all the pics of damage
  14. model is wmAQF 721 Received a call today from claims depratment asking for photos of clothes or they could just offer me a good gesture of £50. told them no sent pics of clothes they booked an engineer to call today, I cancelled, I want a new machine now its been fixed and the problem still there.....waiting on a response
  15. sent IRL complaint to quickquid........(my daughters account) Received an email back about 15 mins later to say they are looking into the claim
  16. ok well never thought me starting this thread would bring about IRL issues but I have just been dealt a bombshell by my daughter, me and partner were having a discussion about debts and I was telling him I had submitted complaints for IRL, I was explaining to him what the issues were and my daughter told me she had been getting loans of quick quid, even though she has cerebral palsy has never done any paid work and only has her disability benefits to live on, she told me when she was with a friend he told her to apply and she did putting down she worked full time, (she actually worked one day a week voluntary in this establishment), the money was sent to her account within 10 minutes. I have logged into her account and there are numerous loans, rollovers and a default starting from last year, she has been terrified to tell me. I am her official appointee because she can not handle her own finances, she lacks capacity to make credit decisions like this. Her money does go into her own account and I really thought she was managing well .......until now, I thought her disability money was just being spent on her day to day needs. Just FYI, I am phoning the DWP tomorrow and getting all her money put back into my bank account.
  17. well its a lesson learnt, I wont be so stupid next time and I know there will be a next time
  18. Ok been thinking about this hard today, I know I was an idiot letting them win this and it was mainly down to my laziness and hectic life of course, but now I have agreed through mediation to pay the debt and also made the first payment is there anything i can get this back to court or request to see if the debt is enforceable. Or maybe just put it down as a learning curve
  19. I understand, but its the harassment thats getting to me, I am getting phonecalls everyday and letters at least 3 times a week, the latest one was a pre legal assesment
  20. just a quick question, should I inform the DCA's that these debts have now been complained about as a form of IRL?
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