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  1. no pcn was ever received. Which is why the letter they sent mid August was a shock and a half. I decided to put in a GDPR request to get all data about this in my hands. While awaiting this to come through, i got hit with this new "Enforcement" letter which only just arrived yesterday.
  2. ok here goes: L.A: Islington Debt firm: Equita Where: Englefield Road [Zone T] https://goo.gl/maps/sv7mjXtE6AEvR5bs9 CCTV: Yes Offence Code: 38JL - Failing to comply with a sign indicating that vehicular traffic must pass to the specified side of the sign. In the pic above, i went through the middle shaded area (there was a large Bedford van trying to get through the left side)
  3. would the advice change depending on the local authority? I don't dispute the allegation - I was lost in a borough I'm not familiar with - and of course I know that's no excuse.
  4. Date Notice issued: 26th August. (2nd Class Mail) says a Warrant of Control has been "issued against you". Date of PCN: 9th July last year! The last line of the letter states: "contact us upon receipt of this notice of intention."
  5. Date of offence: Summer 2019. Offence Code: 38JL A council's debt collection agent just sent me a letter saying a formal Warrant of Control has been issued. (no warrant information or number). Is this correct? Can they do this after a year?
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