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  1. I guess what this whole war in Syria demonstrates is that for 1000 years now, nothing in the world has changed. White people do not care about people of colour or Arabs. Not in Europe, or anywhere else in the world.
  2. Good God. I am not gonna be able to sleep anymore...
  3. Thanks for this--I will reach out to him. Went to his webpage. Funny photo of him just sitting at a desk surrounded by other people sitting at desks.
  4. Why are you trying to cancel? I was wondering where to sign up myself. Avoid at all costs you're saying?
  5. Appreciate the responses. Gonna call my doctor and insurer today. take care, RM
  6. Hi there, Not sure who to contact on this matter. I am planning to have an eye procedure that will improve the vision almost perfectly in my left eye, but still some need for glasses when reading because of my right eye. I have worn glasses or corrective lenses for almost 20 years as a driver. Do I need to get my information changed in the licence system once my left eye is healed? Or would I still be under the category for wearing lenses because I will need glasses to read? I found a medical issues number here but was not sure if it is correct. thanks, RM
  7. or rather start digging -- Lol
  8. Was this ever resolved? Could you not just have the pension forward increments over time to the bank to pay the mortgage over time? This way it is not a lump sum?
  9. It was Fifty Shades Freed...sigh. No luck then for me. Tickets were 13.75 each...
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