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  1. Perhaps they are. It is an error that hopefully can be resolved so that I can attend and then I will make a formal complaint about the admin error. I need to wait now and see what Wednesday bring.
  2. I just want to say thank you to everyone for their efforts so far. I'm hopeful that I can get this back to a court room and attend and present my case. I honestly can't thank everyone enough for everything.
  3. Hello, I've just stopped off at my friends and still not heard anything from the court. I phoned them a few minutes ago and they are running about 2 weeks behind. As I wasn't able to attend being on holiday I would have thought that if the claim had succeeded against me then Lowell would have been in touch. Is that the way they work? Pete is going to create a separate account rather than using mine as it confuses my old mind.
  4. Thanks Andy. I wasn't sure so I worked on a 'throw everything at them' process. I'll sort it and then head up tomorrow, get it signed and posted to flowells and the court. Pete
  5. Thanks Andy, I know the feeling. I'm mindful that he's away this Friday with family so if you get a chance to look it over then I'll drive up to him and show him and get him to sign and he can post it before he leaves. If not then I'll go with what I've come up with but you'll have a better idea than me. Pete
  6. Hi, I've just got back and wondering if there are any thoughts on the above I drafted for Simple? Cheers, Pete
  7. Hi, I've had a chance to go through their WS and I've drafted this supplemental. In the County Court Case Number: Date: 13th October 2018 ________________________________________________________________ Parties Lowell Portfolio I LTD Claimant Defendant ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Supplemental Witness Statement – ME Exhibit References: XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX __________________________________________________________________________________ I ME, am
  8. Thanks Andy. I'm going to go over it all and try and draft a supp statement. I'll get it posted up before it's sent. I'm away for a few days for work next week so it may be the back end of the week before I get it sorted. I know it has been a challenge to support Simple but given his age and lack of knowledge and especially computer skills he's done ok. He won't mind me saying he gets a little flustered with it all. Cheers, Pete
  9. Hi, just to let you know that Simple (no pun intended) has gone home and I'm going to keep an eye on this for him. He's mentioned and left me with their statement which I'm going through and I see he has posted it up. It looks very unlikely that Lowell Sols have seen the Witness statement he sent as their envelope was dated yesterday (11th) and on reading it all through properly their exhibits are dated the (10th). They must be referring to the statement of case sent some time back. His first one was only posted on the (10th) and I took the signed version yesterday (11th) to re-po
  10. I received their pack first thing this morning. They have sent me the same stuff as before and included the postal order I sent for the CCA / CPR (sorry, can't remember which one it was for). Just to note, when I originally sent it I forgot to add the postal order so sent it with another letter and that is why they refer to 3 documents. They have failed to explain why the account number doesn't match the card number and have actually now referenced the account number in their witness statement as different from the account number they reference in all their other paperwork and th
  11. My friend has just gone to post them at the PO for me. Sorry for my stupidity.
  12. I sent 3, one for court, solicitors and claimant. I forgot to sign them all. Shall I resend? My friend says to email it over to the court and email lowell with it as well?
  13. Hello, I've sent my witness statement and all the documents I refer to as exhibits but I forgot to sign my statement. Is that going to cause me any problems do you think? I got in a complete muddle and my friend was trying to get the documents all printed off but I forgot to sign it.
  14. Hello, I've read the comments and have adapted the statement as required. I'm going to send the statement and all the exhibits I have. Thank you.
  15. OK. I can't really do much more now so I'm going to wait until we see him on Wednesday and give him a swift boot behind as it's a total shambles. Thanks to you both for this morning and everything you've done so far.
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