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  1. They have named me as the driver and correspond to my home address now. Since this last rejection letter I hear nothing for months.. until another PCN appears, the same as the original but with the missing (NO IMAGE) magically now appearing. I have replied to them and they have sent another rejection letter. Its going around in circles now constantly. They clearly haven't got a leg to stand on! Penalty Charge Notice - 2 September 2018 Scribbled.pdf parking for forum post.pdf
  2. The latest letter from G24. rejection2.pdf
  3. haha I have only just seen this one. Imaginary Invoices incoming
  4. Had a nice letter waiting from G24 today. see attached pdfs. They said they would not respond to the previous correspondence. full of empty threats, I await them to either drop it or see them in court. any recommendations if they do call me to court parking eye page 1.pdf parking eye page 2.pdf
  5. Thanks EB, I will inform our guys not to pay anything to them and also to direct them to me if they try to chase the company they will hopefully hit a dead end, but it seems the people here just want me to pay it - I will be stubborn on this I am not paying anything to them!
  6. I also noticed that my PCN qualifies for a 'Standard Appeal' which is free; Is it worth trying this to get the company out of the loop claiming me as a driver? They really do not like this and are quite threatened by it for some reason -.-
  7. I will instruct our guys to name me as the driver and only 'attempt' to take action for me - if they persue the company further instead of me, is there anything I can do to limit me getting any fallout from this? thanks for the help guys much appreciated
  8. its just the fact that they are writing to the company directly which is causing me the biggest issue. I dont mind them trying to take me, but they are trying to hold the company liable which is nothing to do with them. do I need to go down the ICA route for any reason legally? or just wait for a court summons? Regards, Lee
  9. Will let them know - also would I be best to go down the IAS to appeal it further?
  10. hmm it did seem a bit too easy to find my PCN and use as a service, they are just another registered company probably owned by the same lot... its just this time they are trying to bring the company into respute rather than myself... which is causing me some grief.
  11. Also it states I can appeal via the Indipendant appeals service, is this one that would back fire on me if I were to go through this?
  12. Upon sending the letter - we have recieved this back from them to the company instead of myself which I have stated my details which they have clearly ignored. attached is rejection letter. where do I go next? as I don't want them sending the company letters. Regards, Lee rejection.pdf
  13. Thank you for the amendment. I have sent a letter as per guided from you guys, much appreciated, i will keep you updated
  14. Thank you all so far for the support - attached is the original fine.[ATTACH=CONFIG]70831[/ATTACH]
  15. I will take a look at one of the draft letters and tailor it appropriately, thanks again guys its much appreciated! Also I have linked the signage further up in a PDF file (pf.pdf) in one of my posts above. I will see if I can get the full lease agreement as the company one doesn't state Parking Charge Noticies only parking fines.. I will not adhear to any deadline they propose as it is as you say not a valid invoice.
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