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  1. The Consumer Contracts Regulations which became UK law in 2013 suggest 2 things. The first being that Ebay deliberately concealing business seller contact information is a direct breach of the 2013 regulations which suggest contact information much be displayed in a clear and comprehensible manner, and the second that as all UK business sellers are through no fault of their own not complying with the 2013 regulations they are also in breach of the Ebay user agreement which suggests members must comply with region specific legislation. In terms of dodgy sellers openly and freely operating
  2. My point is that Ebay ignoring legislation specific to any business using its services to sell online, makes it a great deal easier for the ever increasing numbers of dodgy business sellers to operate unhindered. I wonder do you feel happy that large corporations can essentially do exactly as they please?
  3. The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 is legislation that Ebay would appear to be obliged to adhere too but is actually ignoring! Being able to side step this sort of legislation makes it an awful lot easier for all manner of [problematic] and dodgy sellers to operate using the Ebay platform. I guess though as Ebay pays no UK tax they very likely feel there is no need to take any notice of consumer protection law?
  4. Directives "Each directive contains a deadline by which EU countries must incorporate its provisions into their national legislation and inform the Commission to that effect. The Commission assists member countries in correctly implementing all EU laws. It provides online information, implementation plans, guidance documents and organises expert‑group meetings." The directive related to ODR was I think made in 2013 so it seems strange it has 5 years later still not been incorporated into UK law?
  5. Got a response from Ebay who suggest punitive action will be taken against me should I wish to comply with EU law and the Ebay user agreement which suggests all members must comply with legislation related to online selling. They really seem to be tying themselves up in knots over this as they are not able to explain why the UK is not subject to EU law like every other member state.........................
  6. No response from Ebay as to why their German and UK pages covering EU consumer protection legislation differ fundamentally. EU seems to feel that a UK based advice centre plays a pivotal role in enforcement matters related to consumer protection legislation, but the advice centre has an entirely different view. It would seem that if the ODR legislation was properly implemented and business slellers were obliged to display direct email contact details on all listings, that it would be very easy to buy/sell without paying Ebay fees. This I guess is the reason Ebay chooses to ignore E
  7. SSE has department specific data controllers, one for supply in Reading and another for distribution in Perth. Data controller numbers provided on those web pages according to ICO are both spurious.
  8. Have contacted the EU about this and will post the response if anyone is interested? Seems to me that large tax dodging corporations can do pretty much as they please though so the chances of any sort of punitive action being taken are rather remote to say the least.
  9. I will check with ICO on Monday then send SARs requests to both departments if ICO confirms details. Its worth bearing in mind that pretty much all large corporations are made up of several different entities now, and often use that to trip consumers up, by passing them back and forth between the departments.
  10. As the UK is still subject to EU law as is Ebay not sure there is any credible reason for Ebay to ignore it? A judgement made by the EU in Dec last year relates to enforcement in relation to non-compliance and as Ebay (UK) is not complying with several different EU regulations, there is a vague possibility of action being taken possibly?
  11. It says SSE Supply Limited which is supposedly a separate entity to SSE Distribution Limited ? Its impossible to get any sense out of SSE themselves and imposslble to get any response from legal at Reading so contacting the ICO seems a very good idea..................thanks.
  12. Thanks. A tactic commonly employed by SSE is to suggest supply and distribution are entirely separate entities. If this is indeed the case I wonder if there are also 2 different data controllers?
  13. Yes my thoughts entirely. Take a look at Ebay listings and see if you can find any mention of the ODR process?....................I have not been able to find any and they have threatened me with a ban if I mention ODR in any of my listings, even though this is encouraged on the German web page!
  14. Thanks.........Reading has also been suggested. SSE legal is based there. Maybe sending to both would be a good idea?
  15. Wonder if anyone knows whether of not Ebay has any obligation to comply with European law relating to online selling? I found this on German Ebay site : http://pages.ebay.de/help/sell/business/international-business-sellers.html which seems to be pretty concise. Here is the UK version of the same page: http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/sell/business/international-business-sellers.html Both pages are the same other than the fact Ebay UK have deleted the information about "online dispute resolution" (ODR) which seems to be something that ALL online business sellers should be offering
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