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  1. Will do, that'll be at the end of next month so I'll hopefully not hear anything from them in the meantime
  2. The payments to Fredrickson were bank payments unfortunately, there's a record of them on my bank statements from 2012. OK I'll send them a letter re. The change of address but nothing else and request the SAR from Barclays. Thank you for the help!
  3. Thank you, will do. So for now sit tight and get the SAR? I am moving house soon, should I let them know of the change of address? I don't want any CCJ paperwork issuing to my old address and not receive it etc.
  4. I initially sent them a letter objecting to their door stop visit in Dec 17 and they raised it as a complaint (presumably as I mentioned the Ombudsman). They sent the response back last week. I've attached both letters. Letter sent forum.pdf Letter rec fourm.pdf
  5. Just under £1,600. I'll get the SAR going, do you think it's best to try and ride the next 6 months out to SB status?
  6. Ah ok, thank you. It would have been around 2008-2009. I don't have the exact date unfortunately. And it was a bank account, sorry.
  7. Brilliant thank you. I've done some digging and the debt was initially sold to Fredrickson International where I apparently made a payment in August 2012. The account was then returned to Barclays and from there presumably bought by Hoist/RobWay. With that in mind would this mean the account wont be SB for another 6 months?
  8. Hi, thanks for the response. The account went to default in December 2011 (this was the date on Noddle before it dropped off my credit file). No payments were made to Barclays after this time. If I rang Barclays to check this however, would this count as an acknowledgement of debt?
  9. Hi, looking for some advice! I've been dealing with Robinson Way working on behalf of HPH2 Ltd over an old Barclays account for around £1,800 that is no longer on my credit file as of last year. The default date on my credit file was sometime in late 2011 and to my knowledge, no payments or contact has been made since, meaning the debit is stature bared (I hope!). Robinson Way sent a field agent to my door though I was not there at the time and sent them a letter advising I did not acknowledge any debt to them and I did not welcome any more visits. They then replied saying they would raise this as an official complaint. 2 months later I received a letter advising the following: "I believe the issues raised regarding your dispute of this debt is the responsibility of Barclays, as the original creditor, therefore your complaint has been forwarded to them (in accordance with the FCA's guidelines set out in DISP 1.7) and you will receive an acknowledgement letter from them detailing their complaints procedure in due course. We have placed your account on hold to allow Barclays to contact you with a resolution. When your complaint has been addressed by Barclays this hold will be removed and unless you set up a payment plan, we will continue to write to you as part of our collection activity." They then go on to say that they will remove my phone number from their records and that they will ensure no further home visits are arranged regarding the debt. They also mention I can go to the Ombudsman if I wish. As yet, I haven't sent a prove it letter nor advised that the debt is SB. I'm wondering if I should see if they make further contact after this letter or send them a prove it/SB letter? Any advice appreciated!
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