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  1. i have just had a reply from Northampton bulk via email,

    they know nothing of the CCJ now as its to old

    advised me to talk to South end court,


    i contacted South end Court who also sent me an email,

    they have no details or had been sent details of arrow global,

    their last communication was from Els Cole only,

    they knew nothing about arrow global until i advised them.

    Funny they didn't tell me or the court?


    i had the to release the charge order and pay it,

    my solicitor was no help

    ,they advised me to for ease i think.


    can i to try to get it back

    i did tell my solicitor i would be trying to


    is it worth it you think?

    i never had paper work from arrow global until i contacted them


    thank you



  2. hello again


    i agreed to pay this as my solicitor said they have to pat or not sell the house,

    i said yes and would sort it out


    after i told arrow global i was going to sort it out after they're 2 accounts from the same company (terresa ex blackhorse)


    They said there were 2,

    i dissputed this saying they must be the same account.

    they then cancelled the 1st one saying it was too old but the 2nd one was on my flat as a charging order


    i never had thing from arrow only that had sent a letter to my address.

    i tried 2 letters to the bulk northampton and no reply,

    i asked for the original ccj which i cant find anywhere


    it was ex terresa 2007

    they went bust 2010,

    i found out who they were via s. cole solicitors.


    i have never paid anything off this untill now

    im looking for a good solicitor to sort this out.


    it seems they're so back door but they just won, buying debts of the year award.

    i believe they all know each other.


    southend court knew nothing of arrow global untill i told them.


    can i go to court to take them on

  3. i must say she was quite shocked but made me pay it,


    so after finding out so much on here

    i will be taking them to court even terseesa emil is still being used eben the debt was bought in 2012 and terras had gone in liquidation and there to numorous to name but intend to take them to court to prove theres so msy working together to make money


    i only found when i tried to sell my place

    i know im right

    also arrow global knew nothing about it untill i told them

    then was 2 of the same accounts by blackhorse both via terrassa,


    who seen have got their emails back even if they are hone in name only, and a certain m cole was able to help even tho he said the debt was sold on,

    its a real mess but they know the courts cant handle it,and my solicitor waste of time she was more worried by the buyer not me,


    i think its a discrace and its rife,

    stands to 2 reason that blackhorse would not give me anther loan if i had not paid any off the 1st one.


    theres loads of dodgy dealing everyone should check i think its rife ,

    i think its the same loan sold twice

    all of a sudden arrow cancelled that debt but still leaving the big one


    i will keep u informed

    great help to me,


    infact i told the court who didnt know,

    i am better not employing solicitor,


    they know that the courts are giving them out like sweets and no one seems to get paper or say its been thrown out,

    i must say that my address which i let in 2002 was getting letters from 2006 but they didnt buy the debt till 2012 were they psychic, i have to say well done

  4. im new to this but thank you, my solicitor should know ths too


    i will tel you again



    #the black horse account is in my name only = yes


    the morgage is a joint account in both our names = yes


    i hope that clarifys?


    my solicitor has got the charging order and deeds


    Re: unknown tessara portfolio/els cole CCJ/CO help

    i will tell you again



    #the black horse account is in my name only = yes


    the morgage is a joint account in both our names = yes


    i hope that clarifys?


    my solicitor has got the charging order and deeds

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