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  1. it seems they know all the other companies they bought debts from, but southend court were not told they had purchased it from esl cole, they told me after chasing it . well the solicitor told me name was S Cole
  2. arrow are very bad they didnt let my court know that they purchased the debt, then lied
  3. Its about time the courts stopped this ridiculous selling on of debts its nothing but bad news for everyone
  4. to be honest i did the same, they told me the same i could not claim so i gave up, I paid PPI they said i didn't and that was that ended up a county court judgment
  5. hi there i had a letter from these saying they owe me £131.00 but they said it would come off he debt, this was interest on PP,I, surely they me the PPI TOO Any ideas
  6. i did ask the arrow global the question about joint account, they said no. it doesn't matter
  7. I will take them to court as they lied about 2 accounts to get out f it Southend court said they didn’t hear from them I had bad advice from my solicitor I will try it’s £12.890 they robbed me it’s A right [problem] Thanks How do they get away with it
  8. Do you think I could go back to court, Southend court informed me they had no correspondence from arrow at all Also they said I had 2 accounts with black horse when it was 1 only
  9. she was very over powering the solicitor, i did tell them, anything i can do
  10. Re: unknown tessara portfolio/els cole CCJ/CO help
  11. the solicitor said pay it and would i could sort it after not very good advice from them taken so long the other party nearly pulled out
  12. yes i had to, i did tell i would be taking it further
  13. i have just had a reply from Northampton bulk via email, they know nothing of the CCJ now as its to old advised me to talk to South end court, i contacted South end Court who also sent me an email, they have no details or had been sent details of arrow global, their last communication was from Els Cole only, they knew nothing about arrow global until i advised them. Funny they didn't tell me or the court? i had the to release the charge order and pay it, my solicitor was no help ,they advised me to for ease i think. can i to try to get it back i did t
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