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  1. Hi This is were it gets a bit confusing. When I phoned capital one the lady I spoke with was very specific. Sold Jan. 2010 for £1000.85. Does not sound like a figure you would just pluck out of thin air. In the stuff I got from capital one. At the beginning they look like screen shots. There is one that shows account sold 19.01.2010. Charge off balance £1485.91. But this does not mean they paid that much. Then in the memo section in July 2014. There are a few entries. Sale pending then sold. Lowells are named. No amounts paid are stated. But in the account mon
  2. Hi Did the SAR request to capital one. The debt was not quite statue barred. However I still want to go for a set aside so need to build up other defences. I have since found the original court papers. In 2016 I suffered a mental breakdown. When theses papers were issued to say I was detached from reality would be an understatement. From what I can gather the debt has to be assigned to lowells. On the court papers it says 28/07/2014 it was assigned to them. it states also the defendant has been informed. Should there be a letter of assignment in the capit
  3. Hi Just called Capital one. The woman I spoke with could only give me the date they sold the account and could not see any other info. ie when I last made a payment to the account. Date account sold to Lowells: Jan. 2010 for £1000.85. If I carry on with a subject access request will I get this info from capital one or is it likely that they just don't hold the information anymore? The woman at capital one was suggesting that I ring lowells which I won't be doing. But should I contact them in writing stating that that account was statue barred and requesting evidenc
  4. Hi I recently became aware I had a CCJ for an old capital one debt. The debt had been passed to Lowells some years ago so I presume it is they that applied for the judgement. Judgement Date: 04/06/2015 Amount: £1782.00 I am pretty sure the above debt was statute barred at the time this judgement was received. Reason for this is that I stopped paying this and another debt with Barclays at the same time. I received a CCJ for the Barclays debt in 2011 at least 2 years if not more after I stopped paying, it may have been longer I am not sure. My question is when wou
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