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  1. Thank you for the words of advice and those of support, I’m happy to report I have now received my pension and lump sum payout , deductions were obviously made for early withdrawal but they were fair and I’m happy with the outcome. Thank you.
  2. Intresting !.... I will need to go over to my mothers as all my old paperwork is stored at her place, I have the copy, from memory it was said that the earliest the Council would allow the pension to commence was birthday 2020, I understood that it was up to individual councils areas to decide ?... I left that job prior to 2014 so not sure if that makes a difference ?... also it’s my understanding that PTSD isn’t actually considered a medical reason for early retirement. .but from your posts I think I need to start digging a bit deeper and not just accepting things
  3. Hi Poppy 007.... I can tell you all about the pro and cons of motorhome living but as Honeybee requested maybe best under your own heading ?... it’s easy to do though and a great life imho
  4. Hi dx100uk.... yes I worked in Education LGPS....I tried to get the pension last year as I understood it was doable at 55... was told it wasn’t and the earliest they would allow me to draw would be on my 60th birthday in2020... could be worse I guess at least it’s not 2026
  5. Thanks Surfer... I understand all the issues about living in the motorhome having spent last two years full time in it, much easier on gas than a caravan ��.... all your points are valid and I have never been in one place long enough to have the long term issue.. .I may have to look at it though if that’s what it takes, got to be able to work something !��
  6. I assume you mean draw down from company pension, and if so then I have asked that question and something to do with it been a government pension scheme, deferred pension ?... it can’t be accessed until 60 years of age, but thank you for replying
  7. Thank you .. yes I was thinking about going to CAB before I visit job centre, seems like it’s a minefield at moment, more I hear and read the more I think it’s not happening ��, what really seems to be getting at me now is that I can already start to feel the anxiety coming back at me, strange how it manifests, almost like I’m sat to one side watching the stress start to flow , even saying that sounds like I should be able to control it, but it doesn’t seem to work that way, a little bit of anger also when I think that I paid in for 41 years and now all I want is
  8. Thanks Andyorch...looks like housing benefit might be available, I will store this link
  9. Hi Honeybee13..... Yes I do move around, well I did until recently and funds started to bottom out !, so as such then I am No Fixed Abode, but don't want housing, not asking for that, the ill health question is interesting because of the situation, I certainly don't think of myself as disabled physically, maybe mentally, but then that's why I choose this lifestyle, living this way I can live without any drugs, I have tried to work since, I tried for over a year and struggled a lot, hence the breakdown and prescription drugs, I have always worked so my contrib
  10. Long story short.... Had a cycle accident two years ago, worked for while after but eventually I chose to leave.. .was on medication result of accident for Post Traumatic Stress, I was paid compensation and with the money bought a used motorhome and live in it. I'm 57 years young, although I no longer take the meds through choice as I have found the new lifestyle has allowed this to be possible, I doubt I could hold down a job, its complicated but for now all I need is a little advice regarding the initial question in the title, just to add I now have no money
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