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  1. hi i had a default on my credit report from welsh water for £2600 from property i wasn't living at from the dates, ( i did post about it a while back) i called welsh water and they kept saying i was liable as i hadn't told them i had left the property, I've had a notification today off Experian and its completely vanished off my report?? GONE and score improved my 372 i don't get it, I've not had a letter off welsh water saying they have removed it. I'm obviously made up, but was thinking can they re-add it if they feel like it?? change their minds?? or would they have to send me a new default noticed. However to clarify the debt is not mine as the dates they charged me for i wasn't living their
  2. Nope i haven't checked i know i know!!! on the agreement it says no to PPI..i guess i better SAR welcome then
  3. i have no recollection of a tomlin order I'm sure we just agreed the 50pcm with restons, i haven't even had contact with restons or HFC since 2011, so i think I'm going to defy SAR them to get or my documentation in order, i have not come into a pot of money my house has a mortgage for 67k i have a secured loan with welcome on it for 15k original loan was for 17k paid that for 12 yrs and at £200pcm so I've paid 26k off it and still have to pay 15k. i asked them for a early settlement but they refused... so when all thats paid i will have 13.500k left out of the equity and i need that to put down on my new home.
  4. i don't no the ccj number, i will SAR HFC and go from their, i don't have any other DCA I'm paying, whats a tomlin order?
  5. so i can expect them to come after me for the money? even tho i pay them every month? can they issue a new CCj? I'm sure I've had one in the past regarding this? but its gone off my credit file, can i find previous ccj, i don't have the paperwork for it, I'm going to have to look for a conveyancer with his head screwed on, and in this little town thats going to be hard work.
  6. I'm just trying to get my head around the fact that it basically has no actual restriction, so whats the point in it? its been almost 10 yrs on there and all that time i assumed i wouldn't be able to sell my house. i appriciate you guys actually taking the time to answer my questions just wanted clarification what to say to a solicitor can't really say i wanna move house but i don't want the 10k to come out of my equity so we have to let the restriction company know after the sale, surely he will think I'm being dodgy
  7. sorry I'm being stupid here but can you clarify the points you made, i pay Resterns £50 pm cos I'm sure they told me too at some point. will this not be coming off the restriction balance?? can someone post a link in regards to a restriction K thank you
  8. The loan was for a car finance I pay them £50 pm have have done for yrs and yrs I didn’t think I could claim ppi this far down the line and also it’s a debt so how can I claim on a loan I defaulted on I just need the equity in the house and if they had a right to it, I wouldn’t be able to sell.
  9. So find a savvy solicitor and they only have to inform the creditor after the sale. . .
  10. It states Restriction, no disposition of the registered estate other than the disposition by the proprietor of any registered charge registered before the entry of this restriction is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or their conveyancer, that written notice by of the disposition was given to HFC Being the person with the benefit of an interim charging order Original debt with HFC taken over by restons solicitors Can’t find the ccj as it’s fallen off the credit file Didn’t contest at the time buried our heads in the sand What is a restriction K . And surely I can’t sell my home with one on the land registry as the new owner to be would be stuck with it
  11. Hi I have a joint mortgage with my husband we are hoping to sell our home there is a restriction on the property for £10k if we do sell will the whole amount be payable to the restriction or just half of the equity as it’s a joint mortgage. Also can they stop a sale on the house.
  12. That’s the problem they are saying as I didn’t inform them I had moved address and closed my account I’m liable for the full years they assumed I lived their
  13. Okay will do I also have a email off the current tennant accepting she has lived their and never paid water she is happy for the debt to be a given to her I think she’s mortifies she’s been found out will this help my case? when I mentioned it to WW they didn’t care they said they couldn’t send her a bill that’s backdated
  14. I'm more than happy to pay feb 14-aug 15 if their is a outstanding balance, i change the addresses on the other bills i didn't close them, my husband was suppose to change the address on the water but he seems he's set up a new account instead Massive mistake Welsh water say I'm liable for the whole period 2014-2018 and won't give me a idea if i do owe anything from 14-15 they kept saying to pay it all.
  15. i changed my gas electric council tax and all other bills i honestly just didn't realise my husband had only changed water and into his name, NOBODY paid water from 2016-2018 i have to pay it?
  16. welsh water confirmed to me that they have not been charging her and nor had she attempted to add herself to that address, bet she was laughing seeing all the letters for me and never saying a word. i owe from feb 2014 to aug 2015 yes and i offered to pay that but they won't accept it, they won't even tell me how much that would be if anything. they said to me the DO NOT back forward bills to people even if they accept liability for them.
  17. i moved out as i was only living their while i waited for the new house to be ready and yes it was my name only on the bill. god knows why i didn't put both on it
  18. edit! i moved out aug 2015 and a new occupant moved in straight after and she still lives their now
  19. please can some one help me I've checked my credit report today and there is a default notice on my report from welsh water dated 13-1-16 for £2602 the debt in question is from a previous address after a phone call to welsh water its due between 25-2-14 to 12-2-18 which is today. i MOVED out of this address august 2015 my husband set up a new water bill for the new address but as he called he did it in his name. welsh water are refusing to accept that i am not liable for this debt, they said as i didn't tell them i had moved the correct way then I'm liable for the whole amount over the last 4 yrs up to today when they "closed the account" i told them i had lots of proof that i moved house council tax bills rent agreement bank statements etc. they said it doesnt matter they kept saying I'm liable i didn't receive any post letters defaults as i wasn't living there and wasn't aware i had a account with them at the old address the old landlord has agreed to write a statement saying when i moved out and the girl who currently lives there has never paid a water bill.. im lost as what to do. the debt isn't mine but welsh water INSIST it is.
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