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  1. I’m aware that when gifting from income, my normal standard of living should not be affected. This post is different from previous posts,...and I have not discussed with lawyer/accountant.
  2. With the knowledge that £3k can be gifted annually(not from inc.but as annual allowance),..would the following gifts be acceptable by HMRC as gifts from income...Yr.1 Dec, gift is £5k,but want £4k to be regarded as g f i;Yr.2,May,gift is £4k,Yr.3 July,gift is £6k,but want £4k to be regarded as g f i. My claim would be regular gifts of £4k made each tax year but in different months in that tax year. Would HMRC regard these gifts £4k as regular gifts from income?
  3. Thank you all for your help....yes I am using a qualified solicitor....and as suggested I will ensure a clause is inserted.
  4. No,...I am about to increase the number of executors/trustees in Will from one to three,but wondered if I should cover the possibly of during the life of the Will,the three were reduced to two!...Would the Will still be valid?,or invalid since there would now be only two surviving executors/trustees.
  5. If a Will has three executors/trustees and one of the dies,is it necessary to write another will?
  6. . Nothing to do with IHT!.....The Will has conditions...held in trust.....hence a Will Trust.. As mentioned in another message ,...Solicitors have legal wording whereby Executor is also Trustee.
  7. If a will has one Executor who is also the Trustee and if two additional Executors were to be added,is it necessary also to make them Trustees.Does it add complications if the additional Executors are not made Trustees?....presume either option can be done as a codicil?
  8. Thanks...I might wait a little longer for postal reply...would like answer in writing..... I know I can open a sole bank account,but I have been making these regular gifts from joint acc. for a few years now,...so was wanting to cover this if possible.,...and thought a letter,as mentioned might cover it.
  9. Tried writing to them 6months ago,but still waiting for reply...not expecting anything now! Small gifts doesn’t help....thanks.
  10. I am aware of annual gift allowances and IHT thresholds,but I want to be specific wrt gifts from income!
  11. My wife and I have a joint bank account I have monthly SO’s set up for my grandchildren for regular Pocket money... I want it to be arranged as payments from me, although coming from a joint bank account(the contents of which is mainly my monthly pension fund payments). i.e to be seen as gifts from My income for Hmrc purposes. If I get my wife to write and sign a note/letter for my records,that this is the case(the SO’s are from me and not from jointly or her) would this suffice for HMRC?
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