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  1. i agree subject to crime..will sar voda and see what they have..and ill get her to check her credit file.. will update soon thanks now off to work..
  2. it maybe statute barred thats why we need to find out when the ccj was issued..she was mugged/jumped around xmas 2012 she is trying to get the crime number again from police..she last paid voda around xmas 2012 as far as i know.. asking for the sar may give us more insight into what info voda passed to lowell if that makes sense.. the letter from lowell is the only one she has received so far.
  3. i thought we would get more info from them..not actually sent yet..
  4. just seen my daughter gave her sar for lowells.. she is phoning the county court tmorrow to see when ccj was issued. .she states she has had no contact with voda since late 2012 ..recent letter from lowell says.100.00 in arrears. warrant of control.or attachment of earnings.or charging order. they told her on the phone they will suspend action for 30 days.. cant upload the letter sorry wont let me post.. we are looking into getting the ccj set aside...
  5. i dont know the full story yet of why she didnt want to pay ...once ive spoken to her i willl have a better idea of which way to go with this...
  6. i will get more info on ccj and lowells letters tomorrow when i see my daughter.. i will keep you updated..many thanks..
  7. unsure why she didnt get her mail.. lowells letter is recently... i/we will however { Deal direct with Voda, and lodge a formal complaint, send them a SAR (£10) and lets see what they have regarding being informed of the phone being stolen. Exhaust their complaints procedure also. } will the 6 year statute stand if no contact within the 6 years and before the ccj issued ?
  8. same address. lowell by letter but doesnt look like the debt has been assigned to them yet as they refer to OC as client..original OC voda
  9. she didnt get any previous letters before the ccj..there is a ccj listed on her credit file now and lowell are contacting her now.. i did tell my daughter she may have to bite the bullet and possibly pay.....
  10. ah i didnt know that. . not been on here for a while. .i can still request notice of assignment from dca and sar from oc though.? She got a mobile on contract 3 week later she was jumped and beaten up had her phone stolen. .she got a crime number passed this onto provider they didnt want to know. .so she never paid from then. .no contact from 2016/7 now ccj appears. . please advise many thanks..
  11. its my daughters.. .regarding a mobile. .ccj issued.. she wasnt aware. .so im trying to get some paperwork together to try and get the ccj set aside ...
  12. hi all has there been any law changes when asking for original copy of cca 1974 ? are creditors still required to provide a copy ? many thanks.
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