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  1. I went to court for the hearing today and it was ADJOURNED. The judge who hadn't read any of the notes beforehand said he wanted to give the claimant a chance to respond to my claim that a) they were notified of my change of address and b) the amount in dispute was salary overpayment. I argued that surely the second point was for any subsequent submission of the claim but IMHO the judge had little experience in these matters. I argued about fairness given this was giving the claimant a chance to clarify their position while I still had a CCJ hanging over my head. H
  2. As I was reading through various other posts, I came across something called small claims mediation service. It occurred to me that I could ask the solicitors to agree to a set-aside and for the matter to be dealt with by the mediation service. I am fairly confident the claim will be set aside in court given that the claim itself is for the wrong payment date. It's just that I have a remortgage coming up and need this CCJ off my record asap.
  3. Sorry, if I didn't didn't make it clear previously. The writ was stayed on the same day I applied - I sent form my email and paid over the phone. A few hours later , i got an email with the judgement that writ was stayed. I was actually quite impressed by this! The hearing for the set aside was then transferred to my local court. And I now have a date for that.
  4. Hello, I recently found out I had a CCJ when I received a notice from the bailiffs. The notice was sent to my current address but turned out that the CCJ was sent to an old address. I immediately contacted the county court where the order was given and a very helpful court clerk told me to what to do. I completed the required form to stay the high court action and requested hearing to set aside CCJ. I now have a court date in April for set aside hearing Background ------------- I had been in dispute with a previous employer from around early 2014 where they claime
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