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  1. Husband is working till late so I've emailed stepchange as they can't give me info as it's in his name No reply as yet Thanks for your help so far Also forgot to mention that 2 weeks ago a man came to the house twice, Saturday morning around 9.30, he had shirt, trousers & lanyard on & was carrying a Filofax thing, husband was in bed as worked late & I didn't answer, the guy was quite persistent with the knocking & looked up to the windows as he was walking away & sat in his car for a while before leaving, he came back Monday 6.30pm, same persistent knocking, I was home with youngest child but didn't answer again, no card or note was left, we thought it could be a general debt collector but am now concerned it was a bailiff
  2. We assume the debt was enforceable as he owed this, it's not statute barred and so after getting the court papers thought it was what he should do It's the other ccjs I'm most concerned about as we had no idea of them & are now worried about bailiffs turning up & are unsure of the next step
  3. Hi guys I'm new here & after advice, hope this is in the right place. My husband has quite a lot of debts, he was on a DMP with stepchange until the end of 2015 when he lost his job & put it on hold we moved house a month later & although I think he informed stepchange he didn't inform the creditors He's had a few letters here at the new address & has just recently got a ccj, sent admittance form, offer of £50 was rejected court decided the amount £78 per month, which he will pay, last night I checked his credit file with noddle & was shocked to see 2 active ccjs, one from October 2016 the other September last year, our old address is on them & we had no idea about them as the letters were obviously sent there, the creditors oddly on the page where it says the debts are defaulted states our new address though, one debt is £7500 Barclaycard originally & the other i think is originally Halifax for an overdraft of £4400. I'm worried sick & don't know what to do, it's bailiffs that are worrying me the most . Can anyone advise what we do next please Thanks in advance
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