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  1. Okay thank you for your help. I'll ring my bank and see what they say
  2. Good morning, I looked at my bank statement this morning to see that Harlands have taken £36.99 out of my account. called them and they said it was refused by my bank as "Refer to payer". received an email from them a day after they tried to take the payment(24th January) saying that it was "Refer to Payer" and that there was insufficient funds in my account" called my bank today and they said they can see that Harlands attempted to take the £11.99 on the 23rd January but it was refused. They said I had over £100 in my bank on that day. They then mentioned that it was a merchant problem and that the payment "Is not a fair charge" I then called Harlands back and they flat out told me my bank were lying to me. Harlands also sent me an email also showing the status of the payment as "Refer to Payer" What do I do now? They already have taken the £36.99 out of my account. How would I go about getting the £25 back when I did in fact have sufficient funds as confirmed by my bank? Thanks for your help. Carl
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