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  1. Ah I see - thanks. We were planning on amending the case today anyway to remove deposit / illegal eviction fine, so can take that out as well and P60 it. With regards to contacting them we have tried to arrange a discussion but have since been ignored, do you think it is worth contacting once more on the claim total?
  2. Hi, sadly that is not the case or we wouldn't be in this mess! Day rates come and go depending on work. During the time dealt with the landlord / estate agent / they were responding to us, we just wanted our money back, and still do. However we have been ignored since November 25th, hence why we took legal action.
  3. Hi, that helps, thanks. Ok that makes sense re: the claim - we can amend that alongside the deposit fine. With the loss of earnings we have payslips of day rates etc so we can show that. We just used a big yellow storage company as it was the closest storage facility, that is how much it was for furniture etc for a large enough space, we got the first month half price too. We have also sent everything recorded delivery so we have that re: the pre-action protocol. What about the admin fee?
  4. Hi, thanks for your reply. We are now trying to get the deposit via DPS. I imagine the landlord will dispute this though. After we left the property we moved in with family as we wanted to keep costs low, and to be honest we didn't really know what to do. We both took the Monday off work to move our stuff out so it wouldn't get covered in mould (what I am allergic too), but we did not surrender the contract/ say that we were moving out / abandon the property for more than 21 days, as it says in our AST, hence why we went back that weekend to try and find out what was going o
  5. Hi Everyone, So we have decided to take the following action: 1) ask the court to allow us to amend the claim 2) get in touch with the landlord again to see if they will agree to discuss a settlement / discuss something with us 3) get in touch with the deposit scheme and try and dispute that through them 4) extend the life of the claim due to the clerical error with MCOL (they accidentally discontinued our claim mid Jan without telling us. We only realised last week, and spend a week trying to resolve that) I will post again with any updates but if you have any other ideas
  6. Thanks Steve. So... 1. We still haven't received anything on the Deposit, the only information we received was about the My Deposit scheme (which isn't where it was held), so they have definitely missed the 30 day window on that. 3. We did get in touch with the council, and the day the council said they could come was the week after we were locked out. We then called the council and they said they would not come... I am inclined to believe this may be why we were locked out. I think that is a good option, we are also thinking we will try and get the deposit back through the DPS s
  7. Sorry just realised I responded incorrectly.... It doesn't no, however I am not sure how easy the process will be to get it under 10k now it has gone through...?
  8. It doesn't no, however I am not sure how easy the process will be to get it under 10k now it has gone through...?
  9. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your response. So in answer to your questions: 1) Thanks - The deposit was with DPS (however on the AST they said it was with My deposits), however we did not receive a PDF, we also didn't know if it was protected or who it was protected with, so called the deposit schemes until we found where it had been. 2) Ok about about gas safety, I guess it was just another thing they had not done properly 3) a. We have proof the work wasn't done, and we stated that our offer was "contingent" on them, however obviously our main issue was with the damp proble
  10. Hi, thank you for your reply! Ok - we sent the deposit over before we moved in, if that makes a difference? 7k is probably low balling, as we had to take time off work and we have receipts for everything, including having our belongings in storage since November 27th (we haven't claimed for anything we don't have receipts for). We also have not claimed for things like emotional distress etc.
  11. Hi everyone, My case is turning quite complex and I would appreciate any support anyone has for me. I will try and lay everything out as clearly as possible... 1) Viewed a property on the 21st of October, and noticed some issues with the property (cracks on the outside walls), we asked the estate agent who said it was just “common shrinkage”. As the current tenants were in with furniture / laundry around we didn’t see the full extent of this. 2) The following week we decided to make an offer on the property, and stated that “this offer is contingent on the following: …”. Ou
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