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  1. Hi Renegadeimp, There’s certainly lots to read about them! Maybe when they learn I have no assets or savings whatsoever in the U.K. or Australia, they will stop chasing this alleged debt. To be honest, I don’t mind if I have to change employer or make myself bankrupt in the U.K. - I have nothing to lose :/
  2. Hi everyone, I received a phonecall out of the blue at work last week regarding an ‘important business matter’. He said they had been sending emails with no response, and sending by post to Victoria with no response. I told him I hadn’t received any emails or the mail, which is true. He asked for my uk email address , I told him to send an email to the one he has on record. I told him not to contact me at work twice and gave him my mobile number instead. 31.01.18 - They rang my mobile, asked to confirm full name DOB and address, I said no due to data protection/privacy. I denied owing anything, and asked how they were going to recover the money. He flustered & couldn’t answer. I said not to ring my employer as it will jeopardise my job as I’m currently on probation. I got the attached email back threatening Stevensdrake. I apparently owe $43k, they’ve reduced it to $37k if I settle in two weeks. I left Australia nearly two years ago. Please see attached email from CreditCorp... There are 3 credit card debts. I’ve received assignment letters for the two smaller debts via email after the phone call, but not the main CBA debt for $27k. I suppose I’m in for the long haul reading about this company & some of the posts on here, just wondering what my next move should be? I told them they could lose me my job if they persist contacting me at work, don’t they realise it’s counterproductive?!! I’m assuming they can’t enter a judgment in Oz while I’m not in Oz anymore, and if not, surely there’s nothing to enforce in the U.K.? Thank you so much for any advice you can provide xxx
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