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  1. My latest post is separate from what I posted before, so prefer them not merged. I'm just asking for some anecdotal (based on personal accounts) evidence of people getting these 'offer' letters and the ultimate outcome. Thanks.
  2. Hope so! If they were able to enforce them, you'd think they'd just issue a claim, right?
  3. Just after some general advice/opinions. Lowell occasionally send letters chasing an alleged debt. They're not frequent but when they do come through, like recently, they offer a discount. This time it was 60% off the debt. The alleged debt defaulted around 5 and a half years ago. It's for around 5k. My question is: in your experience, are these letters leading up to something or is it usually a case that they're trying their luck? I'm just not sure why they would send huge discount letters and not a claim form, as it's quite an old debt. Has anyone had the
  4. I got a letter from Cohen solicitors today and they have included the PAP. It says I need to respond within 30 days and that there client is fully entitled to take me to court. What is the best box to tick on the form? I was thinking that as I’m not sure exactly what it relates to and want to see proof, there is a box that says you can tick it to get more information and I think they have to provide it - for example; orginal Credit agreement etc. Is it best to do this?
  5. True, didn’t really think about it like that. Anyway, I’ll let you all know what happens in a few days, if they do go through with anything.
  6. Yeah just worried as they said about legal action and didn’t think they were allowed to threaten legal if they weren’t gonna go through with it.
  7. Sorry this is what I mean, came in in October 2017: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?481827-The-Pre-Action-Protocol-for-Debt-Claims-is-made-by-the-Master-of-the-Rolls-as-Head-of-Civil-Justice.-1st-Oct-2017 https://www.nationaldebtline.org/EW/factsheets/Pages/pre-action-protocol-for-debt/county-court-protocol.aspx
  8. It was home retail group apparently, Also, I believe since recently there is new legislation that means they have to send you documents to allow you to tick an option that is relevant before they can issue a CCJ claim form. Is this correct?
  9. I’ll try the CCA request. Re a backdoor CCJ - could they still do this even though they have written to my current address? Bearing in mind I moved in 2013.
  10. all the same? Last paid in 2013. Yes, but they are writing to my current address.
  11. I’ve received a letter from Lowell stating they have passed my account to Lucas Credit Services. In the same envelope is a letter from Lucas stating that they will refer the matter to Cohen Cramer Ltd (solicitors) if outstanding balance is not paid within 10 days. It says the debt relates to a store card but this does not show on my credit report(s) and I’m not entirely sure what it is. It’s for the amount of around £200. The wording in the Lucas letter is: “If we do not hear from you to discuss this matter or receive payment within the next 10 days we are instructed by our
  12. Thanks for the link. Well at the time I had zero money, so agreed it with the court. Yeah, both were judgement by default, could kick myself!!
  13. Haha, yep! Got it in one. Paying a few pounds per month on that one unfortunately. Out of interest, are there any examples of what the proper pre action protocol claim forms look like from the new legislation passed in October 2017? I’d like to know what I’m looking for if they send one.
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