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  1. I have been granted a Tier 2 ICT Long Term Leave to Enter Visa valid for the next 5 years. I just wanted to clarify a remark which says 'Restricted'. Just wondering what restrictions apply to me in terms of employment. Can I continue working with my current sponsor and take an additional job in the same profession and at the same level as my main job for up to 20 hours per week?
  2. Usually they cant find the address in case you haven't provided ID with Addressand written address. I just wanted to know how they find the address for value of 3 pond value from boots
  3. Did they collected address when you was on security back room ? Did you handed over photo ID with Address proof of yours?
  4. I returned all the Items (Grosery items - ~30 pound) . I was not signed any document . ID card i was showing PAN card from Srilanka . it dont have any Address details . I am just worried about how they will find address . I am little worry about the below statement " If you are under 18 or in a troubled family then different advice would be offered. RLP stamp their name on the front of envelopes so if this would cause trouble for you, it would be better to deal with it at an early stage" I am a visa holder from srilanka , It will be very bad
  5. Thank you for your help . Its agood lesson . I always a help the people and relations . Somehow it happened . I will never do again(from heart).
  6. I did a really stupid thing and shoplifted some items from waitrose . I need some details of how to proceed . I am in little panic situation . please help me, I'm really upset, don't know what to do, yesterday I got caught from waitrose , They have asked my ID (ID have no address ) (I have not signed anywhere, they given that letter should not enter any waitrose stores) . I returned all the Items (Grosery items - ~30 pound ) plz help me. This is good lesson , i wont do again (from my heart)
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