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  1. Ok, thanks @London1971, I have received my virtual slap! And @dx100uk, I promise, I'll stick with this site now, the conflicting info received from other sources is mind boggling! @fkofilee, the Jacobs issue is resolved (I ended up calling the automated line and paying it off). No, I have only checked our credit files with clearscore so I will take a look at these tonight-Equifax, Experian and..? So, just to clarify-next step is writing off to everyone to change address (even if they don't appear on our credit files?)-but no offer of token payment for ones with DCAs, only to the ones still with the original creditor? So the statute barr that you spoke of @London1971 only applies to debts with DCAs? Then detail any response/correspondence I get through from any creditor for advice? Thanks
  2. Again, thanks for the replies. A little harsh if I'm being honest and not really what I need right now when I'm suffering from anxiety and depression. Yes you've all been there and come out of the other side BUT it feels very against the grain for me to just ignore them and pls don't forget I come from having a shed load of bad advice...it's not always easy to see the right thing to do at the time I am listening to what is being said, am grateful and will follow advice I just need to ask the questions to be clear in my mind what will happen if....etc. I had VERY threatening letters and conversations from Jacobs recovery regarding a leisure subscription..very intimidating and they stated that they would visit the property, that's why I mentioned about DCA visits. Thanks Lyndsey
  3. Thanks for the replies. So don't part with any money? Not even token payments? What will happen if we just don't pay? I appreciate what Dx said about DCA's not having power like Bailiffs (when wpuld Bailiffs get involved?) BUT for me it's like saying would I rather be bitten by a crocodile or a dog...a bites a bite...don't want a visit from either. .. A list below of who has the debt; Meriden Investments Ltd-PPI claim fee working for Claims Advisory Group and have chased since IVA failed. Arrow global have the MBNA cc debt and have been in contact since IVA failed. Eversheds Sutherland have one of the smaller cc debts All the capital one accounts (x4) are still with Capital One-they've written the most since IVA failed PRA Group have 2 catalogue debts and the barclaycard cc-these have stated a f&f settlement would be considered on the catalogue debts. LCS have the Coop energy debt and currently have me on a 30 days hold on 'action' The Mortgage shortfall-the letter came from a solicitor acting on their behalf and stated I should contact them to arrange payment We stopped paying the IVA in June last year and this failed in December-no payments made since. I can't see any defaults on my credit file on clearscore. Thanks Lyndsey
  4. It is becoming evident now that we really have had appalling advice and paid £700 for the pleasure. I'm on a mission now to bring this fraudster down, stop him from preying on vulnerable people in the future. Could name and shame him also but would have to be in a private msg.....for now at least. We've had a few creditors contact since our IVA failed in December, but nowhere near all. And even some of the larger debts haven't been in contact yet. The PPI claim company was.....wait for it...….Claims Advisory Group! They did negotiate a claim of about £3k from one of our previous accounts BUT the claim was never paid out (even though we were in the IVA at the time, we got statements from them that showed they had never received the payment). So, do we just deal with every letter/debt as it comes along, try to do f&f settlements, would that work for the newly acquired mortgage shortfall too, because it hasn't been 'sold on' yet, would they still accept less? Many of the creditors don't have our new address, the correspondence we have been receiving has come through redirected mail. We wouldn't want them tracking us down and calling at our new address. Thanks
  5. So, we have ; £14k on credit cards (Capital One, Barclaycard, Fluid) £4.5k catalogues £200 EON-not current provider £600 Coop energy-not current provider £1100 for the PPI claim company fee (the payout I never received-so would dispute this 'fee') £200-misc (a training provider and insurance 'cancellation fee') £4.5k-mortgage shortfall (property is now sold and we have a letter to state that this is the shortfall-it was a shared ownership property) We have had very poor advice over the past year or so. Only now am I realising that the person we had trusted as a 'debt solutions advisor' and took about £700 of our money, was in fact a fraud-targeting vulnerable, desperate people, that have reached rock bottom. Like I said in my previous post, I take full responsibility for the mess we are in, but am just desperately trying to find the best solution now. Thanks Lyndsey
  6. As stated in my new thread, our situation has changed somewhat (hence why I didn't do what you have done here and add to my previous thread). We were never on a DMP. We have gone through a voluntary repossession, our IVA has now failed and we have been advised (by a few 'experts') that BR is our 'only option'. My current situation and queries relate to the thread I created today. Many thanks Lyndsey
  7. I posted a while ago on here about my situation, which, unfortunately has gone from bad to worse. My husband and I are now on the verge of applying for bankruptcy, but something is telling me to try f&f settlements with our creditors first (although we would only be able to offer around 15%). So, all in all, we have around £25000 worth of debt between us, pretty evenly split, this comprises of; credit cards, catalogues, PPI claim company fee (I never received the payout but they still require their fee) and a mortgage shortfall of around £4500 (following voluntary repossession in August last year). We have been in an IVA, but this failed in December last year (following advice not to pay it-as bankruptcy would be our only option after the voluntary repossession anyway). My hesitation regarding bankruptcy mainly comes from the fact that on paper our joint earnings just about cover our monthly expenditure, however I do receive a student finance maintenance loan (as I am a fulltime student), which, on paper would provide around £700/month, although this isn't really the case as there are costs involved with being a student-books, parking, travel etc and we find that we don't really have any spare for 'luxuries' like holidays etc. Ive read conflicting info regarding student finance and whether the OR counts it as income or not etc. I have even been advised not to tell them about it or the bank account that it is paid into, although this doesn't seem right to me, surely they would need to know about it or would find out anyway. My main worry is that they would see this payment as surplus and want it as payment towards the bankruptcy, when in actual fact that would leave us really struggling with day to day living costs and it is a loan which, one day, I would have to start paying back. I absolutely take full responsibility for our debts, we have made some really silly decisions and ended up in the situation we are in now. And I absolutely understand that the debts shouldn't just disappear if we can afford to pay in towards them for a while etc....however, I'm just worried that going bankrupt might make our situation even worse. We're already both suffering from stress, anxiety and depression because of the situation. Thanks for any advice you can offer. Lyndsey
  8. We currently pay £93/mth but this is due to go up to £270 this month as a HP agreement has come to an end. We were going through the process of claiming our PPI back through claims advisory group before we signed up to the IVA. We got confirmation of two claims just as we were entering the IVA. The bank that were paying the claims advised us that they would have to deal directly with the IVA company. We sent all the info to Knightsbridge as it was then. They received the smaller claim of a few hundred pounds but the bigger claim of £3k they never received -however fees of £1100 from the bigger claim are now added to our IVA...! I think the situation is made even more complicated because we have now been moved across to CreditFix who don't have a clue about how or why these claims advisory group fees are on there or what happened to our claim money..
  9. So... when you say 'when I cancel the IVA that should well cover them' will we get money back from the IVA to make some settlements, I assumed it worked like a dmp where money was sent to the creditors every time we make a payment (again, sorry for my ignorance). And now you say it like that, I guess I understand it a little more-about selling the debts for 10p/£1. I just assumed they sold them on because they didn't want the hassle of chasing payments etc... Thanks
  10. Actually, I did call my bank to cancel the card as you advised and they told me to contact the company concerned as cancelling the card (and the regular payment) wouldn't necessarily guarantee that the company couldn't set up the payment again (depending how determined they were to take a payment-which I'm guessing they would be quite determined). So I did follow your advice. That's why I called CreditFix initially and thought I would query the other matter whilst I had them on the phone. Most of my debts are pretty recent (the last 3/4 years) so I didn't think the unenforceability would be an issue. ..have they not cleaned up their act in recent years and done things by the book? I apologise if this is wrong and that when they are sell on to dca they become unenforceable. I do appreciate your advice and have tried to follow it. Like I said before its all just quite confusing to me and I worry what would happen if we just drop off our IVA, I don't want to go back to paying into a dmp again and wouldn't know where to start with communicating with the dca... Obviously you are very clued up on all this so it's second nature for you. I am trying to learn the processes but don't get a lot of time to research stuff.... hence coming in here, hoping for some friendly advice... Thanks Lyndsey
  11. I've been in touch with CreditFix. Its hard flipping work; a, getting through in the first place and b, getting them to answer any direct questions! I asked them why I had the charge on my IVA for the PPI claim that they never received, they couldn't answer the question and have referred it to another one of their departments -I'm supposed to be getting a phone call about it.. .nothing as yet! I feel I could do with staying with them until they have sorted this out for me as I don't want the hassle of tackling the PPI claims company and trying to prove that the IVA company never received the pay out etc. I'm still seriously considering bankruptcy. And would like to cancel my IVA asap. I'm just a little worried about doing this tbh... Weve been on countless DMP before finally ending up with this IVA and it all just seems so confusing and complicated to me. IF we did take the plunge and go through the bankruptcy application; what would happen... I mean, what is the process? A friend of mine went through it and said that she was on the phone for over an hour to them going through everything but then other people I have spoken to have said that would only really happen with debts over £100k.. We have 3 vehicles in the household, we have 2 cars and a motorbike (the motorbike is my husbands main mode of transport but we always pick up a cheap car in winter when he cant commute on the bike), would any/all of these be at risk of being taken-values are; £2000 for one car, £1800 for the bike and probably £300 for the second car. Sorry for all the questions, I'm just so confused by it all... Thanks Lyndsey
  12. Oh right I see, sorry, didn't realise that's what you were asking! Yes the majority of my accounts are with DCA's. Apart from Council Tax and Tax Credits. I have RBS@Eversheds, Arrow, Lowell at TIX. I think I recall my Avon account going to a DCA too (this statement I have is from my last review in August). So, what does that mean if my accounts are with DCA's, in terms of my next move when I cancel my IVA? Do I have to contact them directly to make a payment plan with them? Thanks Lyndsey
  13. Which lot? Knightsbridge or CreditFix, ive heard horror stories about both! Well we didn't choose Knightsbridge we were referred there via a different company-cant remember their name. And CreditFix well we had no option there....our case was sold on to them! Cant say I'm impressed though Please forgive my ignorance but what is a SAR-I read the linked thread but still didn't understand what sending in a SAR would achieve? So, I cancel my IVA on Monday....then what? I suppose I'm just a little confused as to my options. Reading though a few of the posts on here about bankruptcy I feel so silly going through it for such a small amount, just don't want to go back to getting creditor letters and demands and with some of my accounts now with collection agencies I just don't want the hassle from them... If I cancel my IVA what happens to the funds we have paid in, does it get distributed to my creditors? ept by the IVA company?
  14. We were with Knightsbridge until they sold us on to CreditFix-both absolutely shocking! They give false advice too-hence me signing up on here to try and get correct advice. Thanks Lyndsey When you say cancel the IVA now, do I just call them up and tell them to stop taking payments? (They take our payments automatically using card payment) and which option do you advise next...?!
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