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  1. Just wondering if anyone can help-we had our home repossessed (voluntarily) Aug 2018. We expected to be hit with a massive shortfall of about £10k at some point-hence this post, that we thought we might have to go BR... When the shortfall came through it was only actually for around £900 and (after receiving a SAR and several letters) this should actually be reduced to about £500.. Thing is we were paying an interest only mortgage to them at a rate of 13% APR for 10 years!!! In one of the letters they sent out to us they actually stated that they had overcharged us inte
  2. I've had an annual statement through from Arrow-they show that the £1 postal order I sent in for the CCA request has been classed a 'payment received'..? Surely this can't be right, I stated that the postal order should be used for no other purpose-as per the template letter..?? What should I do? Thanks
  3. What would anyone suggest is my next move with Arrow here? Thanks
  4. Thanks @dx100uk, you see things that I just didn't even notice! And actually (and apologies for not uploading at the same time) but I received the attached letter the day before this 'agreement' came through-clearly stating that they hadn't received the necessary documents but that it hasn't been overlooked etc, then the very next day I receive the documents.....? So, do I respond? Many thanks
  5. Thanks Arrow CCA reply_Compressed.pdf
  6. I've (finally) had a response to the CCA request I sent to Arrow in April! The letter they sent back includes; a copy of the agreement and a copy of the terms and conditions. They 'confirm'; the account is in default and the total sum outstanding. And they request-'please now provide your proposal for repayment of your debt. Failure to do so will result in the continuation of collection activity, which in your case may include litigation'. They also advise that they are only dealing with this document request and that all enquiries should be dire
  7. So...I had a letter from Moriarty Law today (in response to the reply form you advised, which was sent off a couple of weeks ago). They state that they are no longer dealing with the account and that it has been passed back to Coop... Is this 'normal', for them to threaten legal action in 28 days and then retract it and pass it back to the original creditor? What can I expect now? Correspondence from Coop? Thanks
  8. Do I need to request the notice of assignment for this debt or is it not relevant to energy debts? Thanks
  9. Yes that's right @dx100uk. They stated that the meter readings 'didn't look right' from the info in the SAR. I will fill in the form and send off. Thanks
  10. Thanks @Andyorch, is this energy debt covered by the consumer credit act, as I didn't send a CCA request to them just a SAR? And if it is covered by the consumer credit act do I send the CCA request to LCS (the DCA last known to be dealing with the account) or Coop? Thanks
  11. Hi all Just an update on this debt of ours. Today we have received a 'Letter of Claim' talking about taking us to court unless we agree to a payment plan etc-sent by Moriarty Law. There is a reply form enclosed with the letter that it states we must fill in within 30 days otherwise it COULD result in court proceedings? Is this a genuine threat-do I need to fill out this form and send it in? I did receive a SAR from Coop and it did show discrepancies in their communication with me/info regarding meter readings etc? Thanks
  12. Hi all Just to update this post-in case anyone else had a similar situation... @Will Goodfellow was absolutely right in what he stated above-there really is nothing to be done about us receiving the PPI money. HSBC need proof (as in a signed letter from the IVA company) stating that there is no interest in the claim-which the IVA people will not provide as they do have an interest in any PPI claim...so that's that for us. Nothing more we can do about it....
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